Industry Co-Sign II (Mixtape)

Artist: L.G.Title: Industry Co-Sign II (Mixtape)Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Jayson Rodriguez

The Lord’s Gift has blessed us with his presence. L.G., as he’s otherwise known, is a Brooklyn upstart who toes the line between the Boot Camp Clik and Black Star. Armed with a gruff flow, the Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype alum is equally mending and menacing on his latest, Industry Co-Sign II. But is as the case with all gifts, it’s only when L.G. gives himself that he truly gives us something.

L.G. sets the tone on the Alchemist-produced “Man On Fire,” a faux radio guest spot, where the rapper responds to interview questions in rhyme. Mixing humor with a cool confidence, L.G. critiques the casual rap fan with a tongue-in-cheek approach. “If I rapped about guns they would probably listen/ I don’t, but I carry one, sorta like addition.” “Here Witcha” finds the rapper contemplating materialism. Over somber horns, L.G. raps: “Dealerships laughing hoping that we keep on spinning.” A snippet, “Highlight,” is a cautionary tale about a cheating girlfriend.

The Lord’s Gift, however, isn’t without a few flaws. “Monkey,” produced by Midi Mafia, is a crass attempt at a party anthem. By asking to “let me get that monkey off your back, girl,” L.G. fails to breath life into another stale sexual innuendo aimed at the clubs. And if you didn’t know the rapper was featured in the Unsigned Hype column, he not so subtley reminds the listener of the fact several times throughout.

Shameless self-promotion aside, L.G. is a voice to be listened to. His smooth baritone and sharp mind lead to observant rhymes delivered with flair. “These rappers hugging my nuts like little boxers,” he quips to the haters. L.G. says it best on the “Breath” freestyle: “Listen here, n*igga, I’m more than a rapper/ these ain’t verses these are more like chapters.” Amen.