Industry Spotlight: Massah David: Events With Kanye, AllHipHop, Def Jam

Name: Massah David

Job Title:

Vice President of Events & Marketing

Company Name:

MVD Inc.



Location: New York City

Job Description:

My job consists of creating concepts and handling production for all of our

signature events; which varies from the smallest detail such as the color

schemes and wording for our invitations to the location selection, décor, and

overall flow for our events. We produce gatherings ranging from spotlight

intimate dinners to large award after parties. It is my responsibility to

ensure that each affair is unique and personalized for our clients, which

include: The G.O.O.D Music Family, Def Jam Records, Entertainment Weekly, GQ

Magazine,, etc. In addition

to event planning, I also come up with ideas to assist with the branding and

marketing of MVD.

Length of time at job:

1 year and 7 months

How did you get into this

position? I

became interested in my current position while I was working as the Urban

Marketing Manager for TVT Records. I would always assist MVD with concepts for

each event, but after working on the 2006 G.O.O.D Music GRAMMY party it became

evident that event planning would be my dream job. After the GRAMMY event my

sister and owner of MVD, Miatta David mentioned my coming on board; within a

few months I was sent an official offer to head the events division.


the hardest aspect of your job: The most difficult aspect of my job is

dealing with a client that will not allow me to produce an event to the best of

my ability. It is typically a middle man that does not necessarily know nor

understand the vision of their superior and is afraid to present new options or

ideas to him/her. It becomes extremely frustrating because you end up with a

mediocre event that had amazing potential, but did not turn out the way it

should have because of a client that refused to listen.

What do you love the

most? The creative process is what I love most about my

job. Coming up with new and fresh concepts for each event, and watching my vision

come to life. I love creating a rare experience for our clients and their

guests, from the time they receive their invitations to the models greeting

them as they walk through the doors of the event; I always want to leave people

with something to talk about.

What is your greatest

accomplishment? So far my greatest accomplishment is

receiving a BizBash Event Style Award nomination for Best Invitation Design.

Even though we didn’t win, it was a great honor to be recognized by such a

powerful staple in the event industry; it is like a new artist being nominated

for a GRAMMY.

Where do you plan to go

in your career from here? From here I plan to expand our events

division, and broaden focus to entertainment as a whole i.e. film, fashion,


Offer a special quote or

jewel to somebody that wants to be in your position.

The best advice I can give to anyone wanting to be in this position would be to

intern. Hands on experience is the best way to learn and excel in any industry,

there are certain things you just can’t learn in a textbook or classroom.


Level: I attended Howard University

majoring in fine arts, wanting to gain hands on experience in the music

industry I decided to leave Howard and move to New York. I entered the entertainment

industry in 2001 as an assistant for artist management company Family Tree/Miss

Boss Lady Ent.

In 2003, I embarked on the next phase in my career

by accepting the position as A&R liaison for Bryan Leach, Vice President of

Urban A&R at TVT records. Within a year, I transitioned from A&R to

marketing, where I found my true passion assisting with campaigns for TVT multi

platinum artists Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz, Ying Yang Twins, and Pitbull.

And I was quickly promoted to Urban Marketing Manager after only two years.

Your Years Of Experience:

1 year and 6 months as an event planner, 7 years total in the

entertainment industry

Professional Affiliations: N/A

Any professional groups

you are a member of: BizBash,

International Special Events Society

Final or additional

statements: Nope!