INSIDE: The Losers

There are many factors that make people flock to the movie theater in droves to see the latest flick. Of course the story plot is a huge factor, but more important are the characters, the stars in the film that will give any potential movie-goer that extra push. With the help of an all-star cast, movies such as “The Losers” are sure to bring out a crowd. For the ladies, just mentioning the name Idris Elba, already makes the movie a must see, so adding actor Columbus Short is a welcomed bonus. For the gents, Zoe Saldana is enough eye candy to keep them focused through out the entire film.“The Losers” stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Watchmen”) as Clay; Zoë Saldana (“Avatar,” “Star Trek”) as Aisha; Chris Evans (the “Fantastic Four” films) as Jensen; Idris Elba (“Obsessed”) as Roque; Columbus Short (“Quarantine”) as Pooch; Oscar Jaenada (“Che: Part Two”) as Cougar; Holt McCallany (“Vantage Point”) as Wade; and Jason Patric (“Narc,” “My Sister’s Keeper”) as Max.“The Losers,” which hits theaters today, follows a five man team of the Special Forces unit sent to the Bolivian jungle. Unbeknownst to them, they would be double crossed and become the mark of a powerful enemy known as Max. After being joined by Aisha, the team is now waging a war against the CIA as they embark on a suicide mission to clear their names. "This takes it back to sort of like the 80's action movie where there's a bad guy, there's the good guys and it’s obvious that they've been wronged, they have to come bring justice for all and save the day,” said Zoe Saldana. That’s a different type of violence, it feels good, it feels morally correct as opposed to “let me just shoot the sh*t out of this person or let me just go over to them and chop a breast,” said said. The film, which was based on a comic book series by DC Comics/ Vertigo was directed by Sylvain White (“Stomp the Yard”.) Remaking a graphic novel, a book, or even a movie can be a difficult task because of the high expectations already set. Right now we’re heading into a remake season with the release of “The Losers,” TV hit “The A-Team,” & “Robin Hood.” Not only is it a challenge for directors and those involved with production, but for the cast as well. “It’s a daunting task when you’re dealing with action and the source of material being a graphic novel and or a comic,” said Columbus Short. You have to find a character. You want to find something tangible that relates to somebody. I'm not an avid comic book reader nor do I follow comics, but when I read the script it was amazing. After I read the script I read the graphic novel. It’s amazing how cinematic the graphic novel is, it reads very much like a movie, says Short. With a cast filled with great personalities is no wonder the set was filled with humor including tons of “yo momma jokes.” “We found a real banter I think because we hung out so much off set, claimed Short. We found a genuine camaraderie that we could bring to screen and I think that us bringing that to screen it translated to the audience that this group of guys really care about each other, really want to see each other through this and the comedy doesn’t feel forced. You feel like you're watching a group of friends talk junk, say random things to each other, but yet on a very specific mission,” said Short. Short who is tapped to Executive Produce Stomp the Yard 2 claims that if his character Pooch could have a theme song it would be LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out.” Similar to women in the rap game, when it comes to women in film that are portraying more of a masculine role (cop, soldier, etc) the character may have to add the female sex factor. This may include sexy clothing, a sex or kissing scene, backside or cleavage zoom in shots, etc. The same is true for character Aisha in the film who is a sexy, a** kicking, gun toting, sharp shooter. “The reality is that we're soldiers, men as trained soldiers their going to try to do what ever it is in their power to get the mission done and a woman would be no different, she's just a soldier period. So if her physical assets is a weapon that she can use by all means we're not overly exploiting this, she's going to do what ever she needs to do to get it done,” says Saldana“The unconventional feel of this film allows us to watch Aisha the character be real bad a** and also sexy at the same time in the same way it allows Jensen to be a quite campy character, but at the same time a bad a** soldier, said Elba. We absolutely don't want to show sex where we don't need it, but in this film the characters are so unconventional, the stories are so well balanced, the way it’s put together allows us to have that freedom. Of course you top that off with a sprinkle of humor; you have a great film and some great characters. Sidebar: Both Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana will meet up again with the release of the new film the “The Takers” slated to hit theaters later this year.