Intellektual Property (Revised)

Artist: Intellekt & Dirty DigitsTitle: Intellektual Property (Revised)Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Sidik Fofana

Fruity Loops and a karaoke mic. Now, these are not the semi-archaic production tools that Intellekt & Dirty Digits used to record their debut album Intellektual Property (Revised) (ATF Records), but those two items serve as an easy reminder that good music can from anywhere. Not that Florida via Atlanta is just anywhere, but the random vocals and fingertips of an emcee/dj duo of a lighter persuasion kinda is. Yes, Intellekt & Dirty Digits are two white boys who look like the sons of the very same higher-ups who run this rap shyt. But, unlike the executives and the spoof groups like Jamie Kennedy and his buddy Stu, Intellekt & Dirty actually contribute to the purity of the Hip-Hop.

Intellektual Property breaks out of the stiff sculpture that restricts Hip-Hop thought of today. Having to compensate for the street credibility that give many rap acts their legitimacy, MC Intellekt buffers his portfolio with solid pound for pound lyricism. It is evident that "Intellekt" is a tag name that many people will continue to re-baptize him with in the years to come because this youngster is a chieftain of the three and four syllable word. On the track "Phenom.Mental", he spryly rhymes, "Many a cunning concoctions/ Overrunning the top ten/ Stunning ya often like punishing offspring."

The thing that strikes listeners about this album is that it is fun and lighthearted. On "Mario Kart", Intellekt rejoices after the chorus, "See, Dan. I told you I could a write a hook. I did it! I wrote a hook!" Intellektual Property also gets a boost from its resident DJ Dirty Digits. That boy must have a quite a rash because he can sure scratch. His most distinguished display shines on "On My Day Off" where his turntable voodoo accompanies Intellekt and Sol.illaquists of Sound after they spit rhymes about their marijuana induced paranoia.

The one setback about this release is that sometimes it leaves its listeners out. Intellekt & Dirty Digits are a pair of musicians who obviously get along together, but sometimes they forget to invite the audience in on the inside jokes. Some of the tracks are bland like "Microphonetics" or they contain obscure references (Intellekt rhymes about his sister's art history major in one song). Still, we do believe we've found a jewel. Just listen to the mellowed out track "Sex Wax" or better yet just read the title for a crash tutorial on how good music should make you feel.