Interview: Dee-1 Reveals His Most Personal Side With Slingshot David


Dee-1 explains his life in the most factual, honest way possible. Ready? Check it out.

(AllHipHop Features) Dee-1 has been one of the most potent truth-talliers in the Hip-Hop game. His influence is not what you might think though. The New Orleans rapper traverses the world offering a message of hope and resolve on a case-by-case basis, offering a personal touch that escapes more rappers. Now, Dee-1 does it again with Slingshot David, his latest album.

As a Christian rapper (which is still “a thing”), Dee-1 faces all of his challenges on this debut album. Metaphorically speaking, he’s fighting a bunch of Goliaths, that have plagued him and the broader audience. With slingshot in hand, he tackles a myriad of topics, including mental health, love, social justice, God and coming up in his native New Orleans in a Cash Money-ruled world.

Now, this conversation is not short, but it is worth your time. Why? Because we love Hip-Hop and we appreciate the soldiers that remain principled in the face of Goliath. Dee-1, while smaller in stature, will square up to the beast and look it dead in the eye.

He talks about Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, his efforts in a secular world, saving sex for marriage, his incredible new album and so much more. “"If Nas was a Hot Boy, that would be Dee-1,” he says confidently. Watch this.