Is Hip Hop Boosting The Popularity Of Vape Culture?

Sarah Johnson -


The vaping has boomed among young adults all over the world due to the influence of Hip-hop culture and music.

If you pronounced the collocation ‘vape culture’ fifteen years ago, it would sound at least strange, but now it is the reality. Vaping has become highly sought after all over the globe. Such entertainment has similar problems and benefits, but different attitudes on a global level.

The benefits include a more natural way of quitting nicotine consumption. However, many scientists prove that it a myth. The passionate debate among specialists in fields of medicine, therapy, and curing addiction is not over.

Some claim that vapes are the solution for those people who have been out of conceit with other methods of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT, includes nicotine patches, chewing gum, nose sprays, etc.).

The facts that are rock solid truth are that vaping has boomed among young people, including those, who are under 18. Basing myself on the first-hand experience, almost anybody can have access to vapes and vape liquids. Not once, I have seen teens buying e liquids in the vape shop near me.

Vape shops are also increasingly showing vaping in public places because there is more acceptance for the use of the devices in public areas.

The public now has the opportunity to experience vapor in public spaces and vape without fear of being asked to leave. The biggest problem is that the current laws for vaping are complicated and have no uniformity.


Having seen the general topics of discussions around vapes, you would ask what relevance has hip hop to vaping. The answer is easier than you could imagine. Such an international phenomenon as vaping is popularized not only by means of marketing but also with the use of art.

Moreover, most fruitful in this field are the achievements of hip hop artists. When I see the ads in the vape store near me, it is always somehow connected to hip hop artists.

The reciprocal exchange of fame.

Hip hop, by definition, is stereotyped with money, weeds, chains, and sexy girls. With the new age of dry herb vapes, the weed is more natural to take. Vaping is a big hit. New songs are to become big hits also. Therefore, even such small detail as the use of vapes in the music video might boost the popularity of the song.

It often happens when some experienced performing musician is falling from grace, and then he uses something tremendously popular to show that there is life in the old dog yet. As a result, I see the musician on the poster of a vapor store near me and listen to at least one of his songs, and people of more advanced age, his fans, become interested in vapes, when seeing them in his clip.

We are stronger when we stick together.

If a rather famous musician does not kick up a row, he becomes boring, and his fame slips through his fingers like sand. It is beneficial for a star to get into trouble from time to time. All publicity is good publicity. Sales forces of big companies take pains to get the support of some star to their product.

Hip hop artists do not mind advertising vapes. The fans are the first people who succumb to such manipulations. They adore their idol and tend to take color from celebrities. Here are some excellent examples of fueling the popularity of vaping industry by famous hip-hoppers:

First and the most infamous is, for sure, Snoop Dog – his mane is perceived as a synonym to weed, illegal, and cannabis. Nowadays, his great passion is vaping. He is really into it. Most of the fake ads of vapes in the vape shows or on the TV are imitating his style.

There is a company, which produces various electronic vape pens and accessories, and has a partnership on signature accessory for his fans. I have not seen such in the vape store near me, however, you can order them or buy in bigger vape shops.

Another famous rapper, Wiz Khalifa, has turned his interest in herbs into the process of making money. His record label group, Taylor Gang together with a renowned vaporizer company, have designed and released an exciting line of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. As we know, it is quite challenging to be a top name or person in vaping at this time, and he can take this job just by himself.

A$AP Rocky, the other popular rap musician, who started making money on advertising vapes, has the official contract with a vaporizer company as well. The kicker is that he has never been strongly connected to vaping activities before. That is the reason why he is sharply criticized.

Many journalists and bloggers say that he is a terrible choice for the company. Though he is stylish and releases the appropriate music, you could hardly find him depicted with a vape in public. This makes many people think that he is not into vapes but just does it to earn more money.

In our age of multi modality, the borders between news, art, advertising, blogs, etc. are ambiguous. It is difficult to say whether your favorite artist uses the device, whether he pretends to do it because of money, or it is the fake on the whole. According to the statistics, about 80 percent of the e-cigarettes or vapes that have appeared in hip-hop videos were seen as 'brand placement’ by 2017.

This means that not only media but also other stuff manipulate us as well. People like to be dumbed down, which makes the task of marketing easier.

Here we can say that the fact of boosting the popularity of vape culture by the hip hop industry is quite clear. Although we cannot claim that everyone in the hip hop industry is a vaper, the contribution of hip hopers to the bloom on the vape market is great.

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Hip Hop has always been used to push products, especially ones that can harm you.