Is "KimYe" a Match Made in Fashion Heaven?

From our friends at Vibe Vixen

Are they on, or are they off? We're not sure right now, but after Kanye West confessed his love for reality star, Kim Kardashian on “Theraflu,” - a.k.a. "Way Too Cold" - the media and fans went crazy. ‘Ye and Kim K are two of the most popular and visible people in popular culture, a fact that is reaffirmed on the cover of every magazine at a grocery checkout line.

Whether or not the KimYe phenomenon is meant to last, the relationship will probably result in more good music, and it will keep the tongues of fashionistas around the world wagging as they are both known for their unique fashion sense.

Kanye West's Shoes - DW line

Kanye is an icon of men’s fashion, and Kim is known for her smoldering beauty and amazing body that compliments everything she wears. Kim was spotted in Paris earlier this spring in the front row of Kanye’s fashion show rocking the rapper’s $6,000 Guiseppe heels that models were complaining about walking in. Who knows if KimYe is true love, but, it is definitely truly entertaining.

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