Is Mumia Abu Jamal Being Executed Through Medical Neglect?

Is Mumia Being Murdered Medically?

The State of Pennsylvania seems to have a jones for Mumia Abu Jamal, because he’s got severe medical needs yet they aren’t giving any aid. As a human, Mumia is in the “care” of the state. You and I get sick…we go to the doctor. If a prisoner - and in the case, a political prisoner - they cannot just walk into a doctor’s office. Mumia is a journalist and an activist. He was convicted of killing a cop, but he managed to get off death row. The case is so f**ked up. Who gets off death row? Definitely means there’s something fishy going on with the case, but he cannot get out. This video explains why he should be released. The prison officials seem to want him dead, but just gotta kill him another way.