Island Queen Contest, Web Series Has Started!

Episode 4

It's Christa, Janelle, Monessa, Sheena and Tia Maria's turn to meet you, the viewer, on episode 4 of Island Queen TV. This time we take to lush parish of St. George as we shoot at the last working sugar factory in Barbados, Buckleys. You also get a chance to see the face behind the stylish swimwear the ladies are wearing for this year's Island Queen event. Enjoy!

Episode 2

Say "Hi" to Dionne, Davina, Jade and Denise in Episode 2 of Island Queen TV, as we take it to the streets in the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, for this sexy shoot titled "Sexy in the City". You will also meet an essential part of Island Queen, make up artist Kimberley Sealy.

Episode 3

Description: For the "Daydreams" photo shoot, we take it to the stretch alongside Boatyard Beach in sunny Barbados. Meet 3 more of our contestants, Antonia, Rhea and Thayreesha and get to know our photographer, Jaryd Niles-Morris and meet one of the hosts for Island Queen 2010, Bajan recording artist, Kirk Brown

Episode Number 1

This June, the third annual Island Queen competition on the breathtaking shores of Barbados will be the biggest in the marquee event's history. In an unprecedented move, Island Queen- the franchise - has launched a reality show web series and a partnership with the preeminent Hip-Hop culture and lifestyle website, Island Queen TV is a multi-episodic, lead-in to this year's Island Queen competition. The competition takes place in three parts beginning June 6 with the preliminaries, followed by a showcase on June 13, concluding on June 20 with the crowning of the Island Queen. Prior to the trilogy of events, Island Queen TV is documenting the rollercoaster ride of 20 models on their journey to the finale. The initial episodes introduce each of the contestants while revealing and illuminating their personalities through their professional photo shoots and beauty, fashion, and fitness challenges. The web series lives on and Check it out now!