J. Holiday: Summer Lovin' Soundtrack

Aside from getting some more sleep this summer, if J. Holiday has put you anywhere near a bed you know you're getting more than just some Zzzz's. A recent addition to Capitol Records, J. Holiday has serenaded women with his first single "Bed" and says his "live shows are creating a huge buzz." With his debut album Back Of My Lac dropping this Fall, J. Holiday spends his summer months being laid back as opposed to other people who like to get rowdy. Summer has always fostered a sexy sensation, and sexy to J. Holiday means the "sun, water, nice lil' lounge spot.” The season has a way of bringing back his fondest love memory of being reunited with a girl he adored from his childhood, as he reminisces about music that he loves. From songs that make you feel like "cruisin' in a Cadillac," to those that get you creepin' in the sheets, J. Holiday breaks it down with his top nine of the summertime.J. Holiday: I don't necessarily have a favorite. These are just my top favorite songs. I don't have a ten to one type [of list]. I have three songs on here by Marvin Gaye. He's my biggest influence so he has to have at least three, right? 1) "Let's Get It On" Marvin Gaye - [Marvin Gaye] had passion on all [his] records [but this] is your classic baby making song. Can't go wrong with a baby maker, right? 2) "Sexual Healing" Marvin Gaye - Clever. Goes hand in hand with “Let's Get It On."3) "If I Should Die Tonight" Marvin Gaye - Classic love song; real nice cruisin' song. Basically, if I should die tonight, it's cool because I knew you. If a guy would say that to you, c'mon you'd probably...[laughs] 4) "Crazy" Tupac - I know a lot of cats from the hood. I never did no time or nothing like that. What he's saying in the song is, don't give up just 'cause you're locked up. That's real special especially for people who are trying to change their lives. 5) "Brenda's Got A Baby" Tupac - That's self-explanatory. It's a classic song, and it kinda reminds me of - not the type of songs that I do, but I have songs on the album that are conscious songs, society-conscious. Basically, you gotta have a positive outlook on stuff. That song is like, open your eyes; this is what's going on [type of] song. That's why I like that song.6) "Stay" Jodeci [sings "So baby wont you just stay…"] - That's just a baby maker, can't go wrong with a baby maker. [laughs]7) "Song For You" Donny Hathaway - I'm this as an artist. I've been here, and I've been there. I've seen all of these great places and performed for all of these people, but at this very second I'm singing this song for you. That's special. 8) "The Thrill Is Gone" B.B. King - I'm really old school. I like songs that have a lot of passion in them. It's good cruisin’ Cadillac music. I'm a Cadillac guy. So that's why I listen to songs that you would typically hear from a car, like a Cadillac cruisin' down the street. 9) "A Change is Gonna Come" Sam Cooke - No matter all the struggles that you go through, it doesn't really matter 'cause at some point, things are gonna change.