Jade Novah Is Young, Wild, & Free In Her Cover Of "Youngblood" From Jem & The Holograms


You may remember internet sensation, Jade Novah, from her popular "if Beyoncé did commercials" skit that had the media going crazy this summer, but did you know Jade can sing too? Long before Beyonce let us know that girls ran the world (duh), JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS were the original girl power movement. Now “Jade and the Holograms” have channeled their inner rock stars to empower young women to be creative and go for it!

The new JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS film offers millennials a fresh, modern take on the classic cartoon. With a new generation of teens who may not be so familiar with JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, Jade is delivering a lively performance that will offer excitement and connect a new audience to Jem’s unique story. Fans of the cartoon can appreciate that this film, although different from the original, will be a musical journey highlighting themes that are very prevalent for today’s young adults.

In anticipation of the new JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS film, hitting theaters this Friday, October 23rd, watch Jade's original music video covering its title song "Youngblood."

In case you missed her spot on Beyonce impersonation, check it out below.

[Video] "If Beyoncé did commercials..." #BeyMakesEverythingSoundBetter ? pic.twitter.com/ogqXtlPXd8

— Jade Novah (@JadeNovah) August 23, 2015