Jagged Edge Releases Lyric Video for "HOPE"

Iconic R&B group, Jagged Edge, has returned this year with the announcement of their forthcoming eighth album J.E. Heartbreak Too, the sequel to their multi-platium 2000 album J.E. Heartbreak. Hoping to inspire other R&B groups to reemerge and new groups to form, they "opened the door" with the lead single “Hope.” The much loved quartet is staying true to the sound that made fans fall in love with them in the beginning.

While we await the official music video for the uplifting ballad, J.E. is prepping fans for the official release of the "Hope" video by starting them off with a unique lyric video. The video highlights the social media posts of 24 lucky fans who used the lyrics to express their own personal hopes. Check out the video above.