Jam Master Jay: Nine Years, No Justice

Click on the titles to return to AllHipHop.com's past coverage of Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell (January 21, 1965—October 30, 2002)—The Story of Jam Master JayTragedy has an odd way of striking close to home. When it strikes, it can hit with almost catastrophic force. That force was felt in Hip-Hop when Jason Mizell, more commonly known in Hip-Hop as Jam Master Jay, was shot and killed in his studio. He made up 1/3 of the legendary Hip-Hop group Run-DMC, and his contributions to music are unparalleled. Fully equipped with black leather suits, Stetson hats, thick gold chains, and Adidas sneakers with no laces, they would change the game of Hip-Hop for years to come…Randy AllenTrial By Fire Part 1Many allegations and theories have been posed since Jam Master Jay's death. Who murdered him. Why? What was the motive?Allen may hold the key to some of those unanswered questions…Randy AllenTrial By Fire Part 2Randy AllenTrial By Fire Part 3Carl “Big D.” Jordan Friend of FoeCarl "Big D." Jordan is a self described lifelong friend of "Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell. Mizell introduced Jordan to the rap game, by using his connections at Rush Management to get a job in the office.Jordan and Mizell kept close through the years, both living in the same area of Hollis, Queens…DMCRemembering Jam Master JayOctober 30, 2002 is a day that will live in infamy. That is the day Hip-Hop lost a giant, Jam Master Jay, due to a gunshot wound to the head in his Jamaica, Queens studio, blocks away from a police precinct.[Photo Courtesy of Adidas]