Jamie Foxx Presents: America's Funniest Comics, Vol. 1

It may not be Def Comedy Jam, but Oscar winning comedian/actor/singer Jamie Foxx has taken his love for stand-up comedy and given today’s up-and-coming comedic talent a hell of a shot. Live from Laffapaolooza Jamie Foxx presents, America’s Funniest Comics, Vol 1 (Universal Music & Video Distribution). A first in a series of four DVD’s to be released this year, the flick displays some of today’s finest Comic taking center stage during Atlanta’s annual Urban International Comedy Arts Festival. From start to finish you are guaranteed to at least chuckle your way through the 90-minute stand-up soirée, which by the way is hosted by Cedric The Entertainer. The always-original, fully animated Cedric warms the show up describing a sushi soul food restaurant he’d visited in the A that served catfish rolls. After a brief appearance from Jamie, the show begins.For all of you BET Comic View lovers fret not; this DVD brings back some old favorites that rocked the Comic View stage for years. DeRay Davis was insanely funny giving his perspective on the nagging black woman. By far this has to be the funniest part of the show. Among the known comics you get a taste of the new. NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” finalist, Roz G delivers a hilarious set where she teaches prostitutes how to construct a resume. A surprisingly funny Bill Burr rips his set with talks on Terell Owens and the secretive use of the infamous N-bomb among whites (when no blacks are around). What was expected and never came was at least a short touch of the art form from Foxx. But being true to passing the torch, he got his Russell Simmons on, and allowed the new to shine. While can’t say it was the funniest stand-up DVD, the comics offer analogies that make you think about them after you’re done laughing. Look at it this way, there are still three DVD’s to go.