Jamie Foxx, WTF Were You Thinking? (you too, Lil Wayne!)

AllHipHop Staff

Hey everybody! Hope all is well. This week I came across a new joint that made my skin crawl. I am a true fan of R&B, and it just hurts my soul when older artists feel the need to try and keep up with today’s new artists. I agree that reinventing yourself is always a good idea to keep things fresh, but don’t lose yourself while making that transition. And I say all of that to say this, Jamie Foxx – WTF where you thinking? As I surfed a host of new tracks this week, I couldn’t help but stop and listen to the one labeled, Jamie Foxx ft/ Lil Wayne – “Number One”. I thought to myself, Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne? This either going to be “hot like like fire” or “hot garbage”. So after hitting the play button, I took a deep breath and asked, WHY? How do you get two artists of this caliber on the same track and come up with such a bullsh*t ass song? The joint was even produced by Just Blaze, so that equates three hot people in the game that crafted together some pure bullsh*t. I mean come on! Some of you might say the beat is hot, but so f*ckin what?Earlier this week I highlighted Jamie Foxx in my Wednesday column “R&B Rewind”. I mentioned some of the accolades he’s achieved up until now, from his days as Wanda on In Living Color to scoring an Oscar for Ray, and how he put out his first album in 1994, Peep This. Jamie Foxx is a musical genius, so WTF happened with this song? He has two singles out right now, one featuring T.I. titled “Just Like Me” and another with Ne-Yo and Fabolous “She Got Her Own”. Both of those songs are hot and are a reflection of Jamie’s talent, while “Number One” is an example of what happens when a seasoned vet tried to keep up with the “in” crowd.I don’t expect Jamie Foxx to keep himself boxed up in a world of Urban Adult Contemporary Music, even if he is 42 years old. And I don’t expect him not to take advantage of the marriage between R&B and Hip-Hop, but if you're going to do a joint with Lil Wayne it should be a hot one, because that is way too much talent in one room to go to waste.Jamie Foxx can sing just about anything and make it sound good, and if I’m not mistaken, I think I hear the Auto-Tune in this track. Why would a guy who can sing his ass off, and do genius things like sing “The Brady Bunch” theme (see the bonus track below) and make it sound like a R&B hit try and match the latest trend? I just don’t get it. Ok, now that I’m done venting about Jamie Foxx I’m going to end and say that I hope his new album goes in the direction of “Just Like Me” and “She Got Her Own’ and not “Number One”. I actually plan to attend a listening party for Jamie Foxx this week here in Chicago and I am seriously contemplating asking him, WTF was he thinking? This is definitely one of those tracks he’s going to look back at and ask himself, WTF. Yes, Jamie Foxx has achieved enough accolades over the years to call himself “Number One”, but this track definitely sits at the bottom of the list. Tell me what you think! Hot or Not?Well y’all thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say.Until next week check out this week’s Sunday Selection – “Number One”Number One feat. Lil Wayne (Clean) - Jamie FoxxBonus Track: "The Brady Bunch"Brady bunch - Jamie Foxx