Jason Weaver's "Top 5 Relationship Tips For Men During Cuffing Season"

"Cuffing Season" is underway, and actor/singer Jason Weaver is here to help. Starring in the new romantic comedy, He's Mine, Not Yours, Weaver plays the role of "Kent," a reformed player who finds himself in a love triangle of sorts when his insecure fiancée hires a temptress to test his "hoe card" before they walk down the aisle. Based on his own past experiences, Weaver offers his "Top 5" tips to avoid getting jammed up in a relationship.

Read and take heed:

#1 Be Completely Transparent

  • If you're in a committed relationship, you have to be completely transparent and honest with your woman. If you're with a woman you really love, complete transparency and honesty is the number one rule. Even if that means telling her something that will hurt her.

#2 No Infidelity

  • There are some men who feel they can't be faithful in a relationship, but if you don't want your girl to be with anyone else, don't create that karma by initiating it. It could lead to a very painful experience.

#3 Spend Quality Time

  • Women really value time in relationships, and being made to feel wanted and desired. Women need to feel like you love them, and that you're committed to them. Always make that special woman in your life feel like she's the only one and really do that. Sending a sweet text, flowers, or taking her out on a random date...anything to give the necessary time and attention she needs.

#4 Choose Your Words Wisely

  • Be very, very careful what you say to women because they take everything into account especially when they're in love with you. Even when you're arguing or having an disagreement you have to be very mindful of what you're saying to her or about her. There's a way of coming across strong without belittling her. When you say hurtful things women will internalize those words and they fester over time.

#5 Keep It Hot

  • Keep the relationship hot. Do spontaneous things that keep it interesting and exciting (in and out of the bedroom). Maintain that level of intimacy that every couple should have and keep it current.

Jason Weaver's new film, He's Mine, Not Yours, will be available on DVD on December 6. Below you'll find the official synopsis of the film, as well as the link to the trailer.

Kent (Jason Weaver: ATL, Drumline) is ready to put his bachelor lifestyle behind him and marry the girl he loves. But first, he must prove that his promiscuous past will have no role in his happily wedded future. Convinced that “old habits die hard”, his fiancée Brooke (Gabrielle Dennis: The Game, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish) hires a reputational temptress (Caryn Ward: The Game, N-Secure, Steppin: The Movie) to confirm her suspicion that Kent is unable to resist a forbidden fruit within his reach. But, when the seductress falls for Kent, this test of trust becomes a fight for affection as both vie to be the central focus of Kent’s love.

Trailer:He's Mine, Not Yours