Jim Jones Criticizes Colin Kaepernick, Supports Jay-Z


Read all about Jim Jones's position on the NFL and Kap!

(AllHipHop Features) Jim Jones is a wise soul, unbeknownst to the public at large. The "Ballin'" hit maker has always been outspoken on a myriad of topics, but these days he's highly opinionated on matters that have the community raging with conversation: Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick.

Jim reached out and offered his opinions on the Jay-Z to me, which has remain private, but it is safe to say he's supportive of a recent deal with the NFL. Moreover, the Harlem Diplomat stated that he did not agree with the tactics that Colin Kaepernick used to protest police brutality and racial injustice. All of this came after a lengthy conversation with Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur about activism, religion and more. This talk starts as the Dipset Capo puts up his power fist.

Jim Jones: Black Power though, I’m with you, ya heard. But this (points to the Black power fist) don’t write no checks, ya heard! Only for Kaepernick ni##a, ya heard.

AllHipHop: Kaepernick got that bag though. (The National Football League reportedly paid Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid under $10 million in its settlement of grievances.) I wasn't mad at him.

Jim Jones: That’s the only one that got the bag for this shit, ya heard. And what was it? And what it got back to business, right? We was mad at Kaepernick like the pastor that got the Bentley?

AllHipHop: That's where I disagree. I'm like, "Y'all mad at Kap?"

Jim Jones: He got the bag! He had to make sure his presentation could go further. That shit can’t go nowhere without the bag. Nike invested in him and everything. Fist up and kneeled down forever nigga. I’m in. But this what I’m telling you, its big business. It’s no way around it. The pastor gon get the Bentley. Kaepernick gon get the check. You might as well go get your fucking money, ya heard.

Now you gon have Kaepernick mad at me like, oh ni##as is blowing it up. Ni##as talking about the bag. It's about money at the end of the day. Man, I respect Kaepernick he got his own views and things like that. I feel that he could have did it a lot more different and maybe...he had a very big platform. He has a very big platform, right. Do you think that what he is doing now is bigger than being able to use football for what he is doing now?”

AllHipHop: Say it again.

Jim Jones: The platform that he has now, right. Do you think that’s bigger than using the football platform to get his...to put the same principle he is doing now? Do you think he could have finessed it where he could have still been a prominent player and still had the same effect that his story that he is getting across now? Do you think that the kids would rather see him playing football and doing this black power shit, then doing this….”

AllHipHop: Are you saying the kneeling did him in?

Jim Jones: I don’t know if the kneeling did him in. I’m just saying, I think there was a way that he could have got away with everything.

AllHipHop: What would you suggest he do?

Jim Jones: I’m just saying, I don’t know. I’m just saying, looking from the outside in and the fucking platform he had and being an NFL player, and having the whole world now looking at him amongst little kids, ya heard? So do you…...It’s a sticky situation.

AllHipHop: I don't think he could have done it any differently. If he spoke, they would have gotten him out of there quicker.

Jim Jones: It ain’t about talking, bro. He would have been able to talk. Why he wouldn’t have been able to talk? Why? I don’t think there is no crime in being an activist. I don’t think that him using his platform for what he wanted to get across, there was no crime.I don’t think he would have gotten condemned or crucified for doing that. I think the way that he went about doing that in somebody else’s game was a little bit different. You can’t come in my house on Thanksgiving and say no we ain’t doing turkey this year nigga, we doing chicken, ya heard.”

AllHipHop: In the NFL's house.

Jim Jones: I don’t care if you my favorite kid and you...you...nigga you the best grandson in the world. You the number one grandson in here. We done bought you the Benz and everything. You still can’t come in the house and say we ain’t doing turkey this Thanksgiving. You hear what I’m trying to say. That’s they game.

AllHipHop: Well, they said he was about to be out of there anyway.

Jim Jones: I don’t know about that, ya heard. I’m just saying that within the spectrum of playing football, they type of example you set for kids coming up.. it’s a thin line. There’s a lot of kids in high school and college and all that watching him, that’s in the NFL, that can emulate him and f#ck they shit up way early before they even get to where they wanna go, by trying to be a radical by trying to stand up for some thing they believe in. And they don’t even have the platform to do that.

AllHipHop: So, you are saying chill and don't stand for...

Jim Jones: No, I’m just saying….he was...he is still in a very sticky situation when it comes to…Cause it ain’t about the older people. It’s about the younger people, ya heard. You gotta show them how to finesse game at the end of the day, ya heard. So you with me..a little bit?

AllHipHop: They killed all that insurrection. He got the bag, but the revolution was thrown off.

Jim Jones: I’m not saying that it ended. It slowed up a little bit. The participation everything that was going on. He had the fire lit, ya heard. He had the fire lit but do you feel it? Do you feel it right now? You feel like kneeling? Right now do you feel like kneeling? Do you feel like going outside and kneeling? Like Kapernick in the middle of the street. Do you feel that?”

Jim Jones: This is what I’m saying. If you think that if he would have used the football platform we woulda might still been feeling that right now? If he woulda still been in the football league right now pushing the same envelope, there woulda been so much more that Nike could have did for him. So much more of a bigger picture. So much more media. So much more exposure. So much more marketing dollars.So much more everything.

But i’m just saying that platform that he had coulda did a lot more. Because there would have been more for him to work off. What you doing a press conference for now? You had every press outlet in America in front of you after every game. You don’t have to have a speech about Black people but you can have a couple of words in between every interview that makes you look like a genius. And now you got every media outlet, every week for the rest of your career to kick your sh#t and build your non for profits and everything else that goes around it. His fight is way harder now than it was when he was playing football.

AllHipHop: I heard you. I don't even disagree with you. You are saying he could have sprinkled it after every game.

Jim Jones: I’m just saying you have way more opportunity...then shooting yourself in the foot where you don’t have access to that media outlet. That’s all football is. And the message at the level you playing, that was how to get the message across for a long time. Be smart about it, ya heard. But what you did was, you got a good bang out of it. You did what you did. You did the kneel thing.It went over for a couple of years, it went crazy. And now, like one of y’all niggas kneel. How about y’all niggas don’t even play football no more You go out there and kneel if you want. Somebody go kneel this year. Like what’s gon happen?.”

AllHipHop: They are out of there.

Jim Jones: So he already ...it's over. The fight is over. What you just put out there, kneeling is over. They ixnayed that shit...like who gon' kneel now?, ya heard?”

AllHipHop: You have a point.

Jim Jones: That's why I said, I ain’t gotta kneel just to stand with you, ya heard? It’s a smarter way to do things. And i’m not a genius and I fuck up all the time, ya heard. And even me there’s a smarter way I should have did a lot of shit. I’m just observing, ya heard. And I’m seeing that he could have did a lot more from what he had... to what he got now. Make sense a little bit?”

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Jim knows excatly what he's talking about.You stand up for equality by kneeling nah you don't


Didn't have to read this to know jimmy is a clown Azz N|GGA


Jim Jones is on the Roc Nation train - of course he's not gonna go against the machine.


Jim can't even articulate his thoughts correctly (his own thoughts), but he has the audacity to tell someone else how to make proper moves in life...

Jim may have been born here in America, but he has said it time and time again he is Dominican, he may be Black genetically and in skin tone but obviously he knows nothing about the Black American struggle. We had to protest, picket, march and even die so that his silly-dilly assss can sit there and express his opinion... Nobody gave us shittt we fought for everything we received in this country... Facts... #Kap


Did He just say kids shouldn't stand up for what they believe in. Why doesn't he believe there are things bigger than getting a bag? Lost and don't even know it


Jim Jones ain’t nothing more than a dumb ass street nigga with nothing intellectual to say.