Jimmy Henchman Murder-For-Hire Trial #3 - Jury Returns GUILTY Verdict


Jimmy Henchman's third murder-for-hire trial has ended and it does not look good for the former Hip-Hop mogul.

A jury has decided the fate of Jimmy Henchmen in his third murder-for-hire trial.

Closing arguments took place yesterday (November 28th) in Manhattan.

Jurors deliberated for roughly an hour and after almost two weeks of witness testimony, Jimmy Henchman, born James Rosemond, was found guilty of hiring gunmen to kill an associate of 50 Cent.

Prosecutors maintain Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher was shot and killed in retaliation for an incident in which several G-Unit members including Tony Yayo, were accused of smacking Jimmy Henchman's young son back in 2007.

Prosecutors claimed this act set the murder plot in motion.

Jimmy was accused of handing over two kilos of cocaine to members of his drug gang as compensation for the hit, which took place in 2009.

During the latest trial, prosecutors brought out many of the same witnesses who testified against Jimmy during his two previous murder-for-hire trials.

JImmy's first trial over Lodi Mack's murder ended in a hung jury, but he was convicted after his second trial in 2015.

The CZAR Entertainment mogul was granted a third trial last year , after it was discovered the judge had improperly limited Jimmy's defense team in questioning a key witness.

Representatives for Jimmy Henchman told AllHipHop.com they plan to appeal the latest guilty verdict.

At the height of Jimmy's career, he managed artists and celebrities like Mike Tyson, Wyclef, Game, Brandy, Gucci Mane and others.

Prior to the murder convictions, Jimmy was serving four life sentences for allegedly running a massive, coast-to-coast drug operation that supposedly started in 1996, and lasted until 20111, when the Feds broke up the operation.

The government has seized over $10 million in cash, as well as $4 million worth of assets from Jimmy Henchman.

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Appeal again? How many times is the state gonna try this rat?