Jodeci To Release "Nobody Wins," First Single In 18 Years Ft. B.O.B



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The Black Guns and Roses, The Black Beatles: JODECI is back at it! Centric and BET recently confirmed that one of the biggest surprises at this year's Soul Train Awards would be the reunion performance of R&B icons Jodeci. Not only will Jodeci perform a medley of their hits, but the quartet will also debut their new single "Nobody Wins', their first single in 18 years. The single features rapper B.O.B.

The 1990’s garnered many R&B groups but none quite like Jodeci. It was an era dominated by New Jack Swing where Jodeci married R&B soul and Hip Hop to create a sound that is classic and timeless even today. You can’t talk about R&B, soul, and New Jack Swing without mentioning Jodeci, the Bad Boys of R&B.

Mr. Dalvin recently explained the long awaited release of their new music. "Sometimes it's just the wrong timing," Says Mr. Dalvin to Yahoo Music, explaining why the iconic R&B/hip-hop band has not released any new music since 1996's "Get on Up." “You can fall into the trap that a lot of artists fall into by just putting records out there because fans are excited and start tarnishing your legacy and body of work you’ve created. People waited all these years for some quality music–not just throwing music out there.”

"Nobody Wins" holds a chorus that exhibits Jodeci's signature lush harmonies and the unparallelled soul, it takes a slightly different turn for the group. They sing, "Nobody wins when we fight, fuss and argue," as Atlanta rapper B.o.B. contributes to the verses.

After an 18-year hiatus, the timing is finally right for the quartet who hail from Charlotte, North Carolina. Jodeci was the group to redefine the sound and look of R&B and even Hip Hop as we knew it. They pushed the envelope and changed the game with their silky vocals, gritty blues, unique soul, hip hop flava, and new jack swing. The quartet possessed tight harmonies, vocal arrangement, live instrumentation, and a uniquely urban clothing style. DeVante and Dalvin showcased their genius production and musicianship. K-Ci and JoJo brought soul and silk in the form of vocal ability. The genius that DeVante Swing is as he was able to write, compose, arrange, and be an extraordinary instrumentalist of his caliber in their mid teens is mind boggling!

Jodeci captivated the hearts of R&B fans with 3 classic albums 'Forever My Lady', 'Diary Of A Mad Band', and The Show, The After Party, The Hotel. They had fans hanging onto every note with classics like "Come and Talk to Me", "Forever My Lady" and "Freek N U". Being that Jodeci is greatness personified this new track has to be just as amazing. They plan to release it before their performance next week.

Although Jodeci has recorded dozens of songs together over the last 18 years, the group did not feel that they had a cohesive body of work for their fourth studio album. "We've recorded hundreds of songs, even if it's bits and pieces and fragments of songs that we could probably live off of for the rest of our lives," Dalvin told Yahoo Music. "But when creating this album, we chose a body of work that really represents us as a group and represents what people are expecting to hear from Jodeci as a group. People will be pleasantly surprised."

As far as contemporary acts, Dalvin appreciates the love Jodeci has received especially the love from rapper Drake. So many artists have covered, sampled or just merely shouted out Jodeci's music. Jodeci also dismisses the rumors that they broke up. Although they had individual projects and haven't always been seen together they never broke up. #JodeciForever. After all they said "Jodeci aint no project! It's an event."

Jodeci will appear on Soul Train's Music Awards Show on November 7. The air date is November 30.