John Brown: Dreams of Laying a VP Chick

Barack Obama may be "that one," but The White Rapper Show's infamous John Brown isn't letting "this other guy" get the…

Barack Obama may be "that one," but The White Rapper Show's infamous John Brown isn't letting "this other guy" get the upper hand in the presidential election. The VH1 reality alumni's latest single "Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe)" takes another token stab at the governor's lack of experience; this time combining her sexual appeal with her unorthodox personality. John Brown's latest project, titled John Brown Or Die: A Revival You Can Believe In, is touted to give an inside look to the real John Brown. Right here, check Mr. Ghetto Revival’s clear stance in the political realm and how no matter what Nov. 4th's outcome, he isn't leaving the Da 'Burbz. How do you think the White Rapper Show helped your career?John Brown: The real reason I got involved with it was because of Ego Trip and to me to have an ability to create strong statements in their art. I really wanted to be a part of that and have the opportunity, you know, it just lead to other opportunities in terms of performing throughout the country and meeting so many different people from all walks of life. It really just gave me a platform, an entrance point, with which to bring the music that I had been making for years. And so working with Ego Trip was definitely an honor and they have a lot of cool other stuff that's doing. Did you ever feel exploited by it?John Brown: Well, I mean this is America, you know, it's a big exploitation fest. So, just as much as VH1 was exploiting me for advertising money, I was exploiting VH1 for my advertising money. That's why I was running around repping my company, repping my moniker, repping my slogan in the American way. Lately, from SNL to other online spoof videos, there's been a lot of commentary on Sarah Palin. Why did you decide to take part in that as well with your new single?John Brown: Well I think that she sort of represents a lot of circus and superficiality associated with politics and I think there's a lot of superficial reasons why she was even given the space and look that she got on the national stage. To me, I just saw a lot of irony between her policies in terms of oil drilling and also to the sexual promiscuity or sort of flirtatious vibe she was trying to give off to voters. And I just wanted to combine the two because I just think that it was very Hip-Hop, you know, something that's very representative of Hip-Hop. And I didn't see anybody else really aiming towards that in this election. So I just really wanted to add a different unique angle and make it a statement.John Brown "Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe)" Video So what do you think of this so-called Palin Effect?John Brown: You know it's one of those situations where if it benefited him, he would be ingenious, but if it doesn't work out it's totally disastrous and foolish. So, you know, based upon what's been going on it turns out it's the latter. What did you think of the final presidential debate?John Brown: I'm always sort of shocked the way people can put so much emphasis on body language and basically how one expresses themselves versus what they're representing. And I just thought that in terms of content and what policies the candidates were expressing it was so obvious that, you know, [Barack] Obama had an actual plan and, you know, this other guy [John McCain] was just a complete, you know, shallow, personal attacker that really had no substance behind what he's been doing; he's just continuing what's been going on. What will you be doing on election night?John Brown: On election day, we're going to be performing in Brooklyn and also making a lot of different pushes to people to basically get out and vote because it's very important. And people, you know, sometimes take things for granted, you know, certain polls and whatever. And I would love to see Barack Obama, I think he's a good person. At the end of the day, we don't have very many options in this country and given the two options that we're given, you're going to go with the one that's trying to fight for everyday people. And if the outcome isn't ideal for you, then?John Brown: Well I think we would further descend into this sort of anti-intellectual ignorant country and I fear for what would happen ideally. And maybe, maybe they could have some sort of affect that could be positive on a greater scale, who knows? But I definitely think the agenda that has been pursued and followed is totally detrimental to any industrialized nation, any leading nation, in terms of any aspect that makes a country strong. I pray that it doesn't go that route, but if it does, I'm not one of those people that's going to leave America. To me this is my country, this is our country, and regardless of the outcome it's important that we stayed and represent what it is that is righteous. John Brown "Pimp Mode" What other projects are coming up for you?John Brown: I got a new mixtape that's about to drop it's called Burb Life and there's a lot of bangers on there. I've got a studio in my crib so I'm always making songs and we have the King Of Da 'Burbz digital album and it's also ready to go. We're just trying to get the timing right because it's one of those situations where I had my King Of Da 'Burbz campaign, I dropped the "Keg Party" video and Keg Party EP and with this situation, this campaign, this election trying to hit society and everybody at the correct time. So I realized I had to put my King Of Da 'Burbz campaign on hold for a second to get this John Brown Or Die campaign popping. So that's why I'm releasing that right now, but I've got a lot of other material that's really into the King Of Da 'Burbz album that's going to be coming out. John Brown "Key Party" Video