Justice League Is Enjoyable Despite Flaws

Lady DV reviews the new movie Justice League, which has the whole nation talking...

Warning: Some mild spoilers included.

(AllHipHop Features) Let me start this review of "Justice League" by saying that I didn't really grow up on D.C. Comics. I was more into reading novels and the encyclopedia to say the least. So, I went into this green. However, the "Justice League" is almost a guaranteed win with some of the biggest super heroes in the history of comic culture.

The movie directed by Zack Snyder exuded stellar graphics and storyline was great, though the plot was a little predictable. At some points I felt like I was a character in the game ‘Heavenly Sword’ for Play Station all while learning the history of the worlds that seemed to intertwine into present day realities. It’s almost like D.C. Comics meets The Matrix.

A war breaks out between three worlds. Enter Steppenwolf played by Ciarán Hinds who is in search of three boxes which is referenced as “Mother”. Mother is the equivalent of the knife in the “Golden Child” starring Eddie Murphy (I Digress). A force that can either create or break mankind existence in the technological age.

Henry Cavil who plays Superman dies…Batman played by Ben Affleck and Wonder Women played by Gal Gadot decides to defend his legacy while dealing with a guilt only one knows if they are into the series, yes the tension and chemistry is that thick.

They enlist the help of Flash played by Ezra Miller, a socially awkward yet sarcastically and quizzically funny kid. He very much knows his powers but is more eager to make friends.

They also recruit Cyborg played by Ray Fisher who once was human and then robotically re-modified due to a severe scientific accident. Cyborg is also a product of “Mother” and the force that science has become.

Aquaman played by Jason Momoa is the heir and current ruler of the Atlantis underground. His macho demeanor gives strength to his already superhuman abilities .

Steppenwolf is wreaking havoc with two of the boxes in his possession at this point in search of the third. The Justice league then decide that they are going to bring Clark Kent aka Superman back to life to help fight the war. Well…lets just say they succeed but Superman comes back and it seems like they instantly feel like they made a mistake!

If you are looking for something to keep you on the edge of your seat and make you laugh, Justice League delivers. They take you through the underworlds of the Atlantis and a Grecian desert war so dangerous it’s threatening mankind's existence.

Justice League is in theaters nationwide.

Lady Dv @icreateradio