K Banger: Truth Be Told

It is a wonder how such a jewel like K Banger has been kept secret for so long. The Central Jersey native and Scienz of Life crew member has infiltrated into the music industry from all directions. Working with The Dirt Department, Inc. he learned how to license music for broadcasting and film. He has worked as Audio Producer for BET Creative Services and played in a reggae band on the keyboards and drums. The buzz of his mixtape, Free Reign, established his name and sound and now he drops Truth Be Told (Shaman Work), which was originally used as a promotional CD until Shaman Work Recordings heard the 10 tracks and insisted on releasing it as a full-length album. Truth Be Told features members of K Banger’s Balance Project team, including Triplebeam, KR Morales, Phoenix, and producer Rikochae, which all have incredible track records of their own. Other guest producers include Floyd the Locsmif (50 Cent), K Dubble, John Robinson, Decompoze, ID 4 Windz, and one track by the man himself, keeping the album fresh. Although the album is short, it is held together with some most potent rhythms and lyrics. “All I Need” is a blues track about what it takes to be an emcee. On “Without Soul,” K stresses the importance of passionate music and pays respect to the Godfather of Soul; “tThe Godfather was sent to the essence/Give thanks for his blessings/His soul lives on but we’re still missing his presence.” “Freedom March” is a pumpin’ protest against the media, the police, and bigtime American corporations. Mumia Abu-Jamal preaches about the injustice of society for blaming Hip-Hop and Rap artists for the glamorization of crime. “The more conscience its artists, the more conscience the art,” he concludes. Rikochae drops an underground beat for the appropriately titled track “Namebrands.” K cleverly raps utilizing popular, commercial name brands; from Smuckers to Target to Mark Ecko. The melodic piano strokes against the catchy, deep drum machine, plays perfectly with K’s smooth rhymes. His casual flow convinces us that one day soon, his aura alone may be a household name. K stays representing everyone, everywhere on “Find A Way.” He harmonizes the difficulty of holding a relationship together and the struggle of becoming a successful musician. And connecting the two with an easier-said-than-done motto: “What you give is what you get.” The positivity continues to grow in the jazzy, innovative “Love Is Love.” K’s idealist mentality is contagious and inspirational. With K Banger’s unique voice and enlightening wisdom, coupled with the album’s diverse production, Truth Be Told is one of the most invigorating albums of the year. There’s no telling how far his talents will take this Hip-Hop upstart.