Kanye West: The Producer That Could Pt. 2


What about other artists that are considered wack for doing something different?

No I.D. had an album that was considered wack and it wasn't....

KW: No I.D. and

I are cool but don't compare us on albums. He taught me how to make beats...you

gotta hear my album. When you hear it, you'll think of Midnight Marauders and

Pharcyde in the same breath.


Did you drop out of school because you were ahead of the education you were


KW: I don't know

about that exactly, but that's what some magazine printed. I had home schooling

for a year and ever since then I've been a grade up and I graduated from high

school a year early.


You have all your albums titled already? What are the other titles?

KW: I used to have

a very good vocabulary, but in rap there's only three sentences you need to

know. What time is the studio, where's the check and...I forget cause those

are the only two I use.


You didn't tell me the name of your albums though...

KW: Oh, the first

album is the College Dropout, the next is Late Registration, the third one is

Graduation and the fourth is what you get out of all those.....A Good Ass Job.


Beat biters! You ever get upset...

KW: Yeah, but that

was stupid of me cause my whole style is off of other people. I took Marley

Marl's drums...so how can I get mad at someone biting me?


What kind of equipment do you use?

KW: I don't give

a f*ck about equipment, that's equipment. I use it just how people in real life

be trying to use me. They don't have feelings.


So do people use you for beats or for money?

KW: I can say this...I

think life is about people using each other. Just don't try to misuse and don't

allow people to misuse you.


Can you get in the club? I see some rappers who cant even get in the club and

you obviously don't have the attire of a rapper.....

KW: There be times

I can't get in the club and there's time I can, but can't get my people in the

club. So I don't go in either way. I don't really go to the club that often.

I'm in the studio. These interviews be fun where I can talk how I really talk.

I gotta get my jaw rebroken in a couple of weeks and I'm going on tour with

Twista with a wire in my mouth.


Is it imperative that you go through some kind of crazy situation to promote

your album?

KW: Or just get

a real crazy record...but like I told you before my songs are wack


Did that change your flow?

KW: I rap real

good through the wire I know that.