Kareem Fort Talks To AllHipHop.com About DEMOS: The Movie Every Artist Needs To See

AllHipHop.com sat down with Kareem Fort, the creator of DEMOS the new Hip Hop Documentary making it's way to the forefront of the music industry this spring. He talked to us about all the artists in the movie and what he hopes this documentary is able to do for aspiring spitters who are attempting to become a part of the Hip Hop music industry at large. If you are an artist or if you know an aspiring artist, you've got to check out this video and definitely read the interview! AllHipHop want's to know what you think about the trailer so leave us comments!

AllHipHop.com: OK Kareem, the first question is obvious but necessary, what was the exact premise behind the Documentary? When will it be released?

Kareem Fort: The premise of the film is to provide the aspiring artist/musician with his or her options concerning not only getting in the business of music, but once they get in, on how to attain any level of success. It will be released May of this year 2013.

Who did you speak to during the course of the two years you took to make the movie, and are there any particular artists/producers etc encounters that stand out to you that you would like to tell us about?

My producer Hassahn and I spoke with several artists, managers, and producers over the last couple of years, we may have gotten about 100 interviews in total. I'm talking everyone from Mack 10, NO ID, Planet Asia, Rapper Big Pooh, Murs, Kendrick Lamar, Needlz, (pauses to take a breath, laughing), Dj Rhettmatic, Thurz, Nitty Scott MC, Soul Khan, Marly Marl and even comedian Tony Rock, people don't know how much of a hip hop head he is, he really brought a unique perspective to the film. Unfortunately, all the artists we interviewed didnt make the final cut of the film due to various reasons so some of them will be in our web series launching in March. The few awesome interviews that stood out to me were Black Thought, Talib Kweli, Dj Quik and J-Live. I am huge fans of theirs, so it was an honor to have them agree to interview for the doc. And as far as crazy, The Bodega Brovas were hilarious!

What if anything did you learn about the industry through putting this together that flat out shocked you?

I learned that most artists that I interviewed truly had a passion for hip hop and it wasn't about money, fame, girls or anything that we often see glorified in hip hop media.

Is there any specific message that you hope the masses come away from your movie with?

Yes, absolutely, I want to inspire people to make music from their hearts and to do it for the love. That's one of the common things you will see throughout the film. Love and passion were the main driving forces that I had to rely on to complete this film.

Some people are already saying this movie is going to be historical because of the truth within the content of it, but if you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently?

There are so many things I would do differently, but one thing for sure would be to push harder to redo my interview with Jean Grae. I'm fascinated with her, in fact I think she is brilliant and I would love to tell her story one day.

I'm sure it's safe to say most anyone who's heard Jean would be fascinated with her! Alright before we let you go, please tell the people how they can find and keep up with you!

You can reach out to me via twitter @Hustlenme. That's the easiest way to reach me directly.