KDAY's Class1c & DJ Dense Discuss The Station's New Sale

Folks are happy in Los Angeles because as we reported late last week, KDAY has been sold to a company that's keeping it alive! Earlier in the year, the station was close to being sold to RBC Communications, who were looking to give Hip-Hop the boot in favor of a Mandarin Chinese format. After that deal fell through, Los Angeles company Meruelo Media stepped up to the plate to purchase KDAY and have made a commitment to bring growth to the station with the legendary call letters. AllHipHop.com paid a visit to KDAY and spent some time with the staff, including two of the most laid back and funny characters on L.A. radio: Class1c and DJ Dense of the Happy Hour (which airs from 3 to 7 pm). The two share their thoughts on the new sale, give a little insight about themselves and of course plug the station's upcoming Fresh Fest concert (December 28 featuring The Game, Scarface, E-40, Ja Rule and more). It's Happy Hour time!