Kelly Rowland Talks Career, Her Album, and the Men In Her Life

For many music lovers, 2005 will always be the year that Destiny’s Child disbanded to the dismay of their fans everywhere. However, the years that followed would show that the group was like a dream team of music superheroes - incredibly powerful as a group, yet equally as beautiful and talented as individuals.Kelly Rowland first blessed us as a solo artist in 2002 with her debut album Simply Deep, which spawned the smash single “Stole.” The album carried a somewhat alternative sound – a sharp contrast to the Pop/R&B anthems DC was known for. Deep was not only special because it was the debut effort for the DC diva during the group’s brief hiatus, it also opened America’s eyes to a serious talent who was willing to take chances with her career and with her sound.In 2007 Kelly Rowland returned to us, again as a solo artist, with her bold, sassy release aptly titled Ms. Kelly. On the album’s first single “Like This” Kelly sings, “The girl that they used to know done changed. Now they sayin’ “Ms.” before they mention my name.” These words could not have been more appropriate. Indeed, Ms. Kelly is back again with the re-release of her bold LP, and she is demanding her R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Alternatives: Hey Kelly, how are you?Kelly Rowland: I’m good, how are you?AHHA: I can’t complain. It’s good to finally get a chance to speak with you. I guess my first question is what’s new with you? I know you had the album come out some months ago. What’s next for you?Kelly Rowland: Right now, it’s the re-release of the record that I’m excited about. The reason I’m excited is because I feel like it’s a second chance to make things better. I’ve been doing a promo tour all around North America to basically get the word out there. Awareness is everything!AHHA: After Destiny’s Child disbanded and you went into your next solo album; I imagine you had great expectations. Were you somewhat disappointed that the album didn’t do as well as you were hoping it might have?Kelly Rowland: Of course I was disappointed, but I think it’s also important not to get caught up in that because if you do then you will lose your focus on what you are really here for. I’m here to make music and enjoy the music, and sometimes people won’t share that same vision that you do. Although you still have fans that love the album as well. Also we live in a different music industry now. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that. People aren’t going out to buy records like they used to. I just think that awareness, like I said, is everything and I’ve basically been keeping up my end of the bargain as far as working my butt off and going around to different radio stations in every state and every city to get the word out there.AHHA: Your first time out you did more a Pop/Alternative type of record, whereas this time out there was more of a Pop/R&B sound. Was there a reason for the change this time around, or was that something that just happened?Kelly Rowland: It’s something that kind of just happened in the studio. I just wanted to try something else. It’s not really even anything that I tried; I just did it. With the first album Simply Deep, I wanted to try an alternative sound, so I did. I mean, why not? Why not try different things; is that a bad thing? I think it’s ok to try out different types of sounds. Isn’t that apart of being an artist?AHHA: Do you feel happy with the path that you have taken thus far? Do you feel like there are things you could have done but you didn’t? Or do you feel like you are pretty much doing everything that you want to do?Kelly Rowland: I’m happy being that I feel like everything happens for a reason. I think that everything you do there is a lesson out of it. Would I change some things? Maybe. Perhaps trying out a different producer. Like there was this one producer I wanted to try out. I remember our schedules conflicted and we weren’t able to go into the studio together and I think he had another hit right after that. [laughs] I was like got dangit! [laughs] But everything happens for a reason. AHHA: So what is an average day like for you now? And actually physically, where are you spending most of your time these days?Kelly Rowland: I’m spending a majority of my time in Europe. I’m probably there like every month. I spend maybe 2-3 weeks out of the month there.AHHA: And what’s an average day like for you? You wake up in the morning and you…?Kelly Rowland: Work! [laughs] The whole day. Interviews, I also do a lot of shows, and I just get a chance to take in the country if I’m in a different place in Europe. Just working!AHHA: Which kind of brings me to my next question…Kelly Rowland: Oh boy! [laughs]AHHA: In the past you have been linked to several different gentlemen. Now I’m just going to throw out some names and you can respond however you want. Nelly.Kelly Rowland: Friend, brother.AHHA: Tank.Kelly Rowland: Friend. Completely just my friend. [laughs]AHHA: Why do you say it like that?Kelly Rowland: Because I remember seeing that. I remember thinking, “Who started this mess?” [laughs] Tank and I are just friends.AHHA: Kieran Richardson.Kelly Rowland: I don’t even know him. I’ve never met him.AHHA: Lots of reports have you linked to him romantically. Kelly Rowland: That’s the UK guy right?AHHA: Yes.Kelly Rowland: I have never met him. Ever.AHHA: Thank you for clearing that up. So what are you listening to right now?Kelly Rowland: Marvin Gaye, Alicia Keys, and Sade.AHHA: And lastly, what do you think about the direction music is going in? Is there anything you would change about it?Kelly Rowland: I think it’s all going to make a full circle. Music is constantly changing. It’s definitely very digital now. Everything is very computer sounding now. I’d love to go into the studio and try some stuff out with just a band and just jam the whole time. I love doing that. I’ll love when real instruments come back. I was watching Sade’s show and she has like a full band; it’s just beautiful. It’s just her and the band and she is jamming the whole time. Earth, Wind, and Fire is the same way. I love them!