Kidz In The Hall: The In Crowd

It’s well known the sophomore album is the make or break point for many artists. Kidz In The Hall have managed to stay relevant since their 2006 debut album, School Was My Hustle. The University of Pennsylvania alums are back with their second project The In Crowd (Duckdown); which picks up where the last album left off. Now under Duckdown’s umbrella they’re once again proving that class is still in session and they have no intentions of dropping out.

The first single “Drivin’ Down The Block (Low End Theory)” couldn’t have been a better choice for Naledge and Double-O. With catchy lyrics like “Pull up with my backpack Nike on my heel / D’s on my Caddy, n*gga I’m so trill;” you can’t help but get on your feet when hearing the base heavy track which samples legendary MC Masta Ace’s “Born To Roll.”

One noticeable trend on this album is the number of guest appearances. The Camp Lo collaboration works well with the funky horn piercing “Snob Hop” as well as the up-tempo drum intense “Love Hangover” with up and coming London songstress Estelle. Additionally Boot Camp veterans and fellow Duckdown label mates Sean Price and Buckshot lend their chops to “The Pledge.”

The pace picks back up with the interesting production switch on “Middle Of The Map Part One” featuring Fooch and “Middle Of The Map Part Two” featuring Black Milk and Guilty Simpson. Both encompass the identical sample with Black Milk producing “Part One” and Double O flipping it in his own style with “Part Two.”

On “The In Crowd” you’re taken through a tale of how easy it is for some to get caught up in the idea of living the glamorous life and doing whatever it takes to make it big. Bars like “Flavor for the moment steady running out of time / Can’t pay her rent but them Gucci frames on her eye” holds your attention from start to finish.

The thirteen track album closes with a bonus track of the remixed “Drivin’ Down the Block” featuring Pusha T, The Cool Kids and UGK alum Bun B. A few bland tracks aside (“Lucifer’s Joyride,” “Mr. Alladatshit”), Naledge and Double O have a pretty good follow up to add to their growing repertoire with The In Crowd.

Kidz In The Hall

"Drivin' Down The Block"

Kidz In The Hall Featuring Phonte

"Paper Trail"