Killer Mike: I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind Part 2

Did anyone call for a motivational speaker because Killer Mike is here to help on his third solo album I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II (Grind Time Official). Killer Mike comes out throwing punches as he goes from dope boy to conscious spitting ghetto gospel. With collaborations with Southern based rappers UGK, Trae, 8Ball & MJG, Yo Gotti and Chamillionaire; Killer Mike promises his new album will be the soundtrack to your success.

Killer Mike doesn't rid of his Tony Montana mentality on his new found conscious movement. On "10 G's," he's getting his the Scarface way and riding off his independent prosperity, while b*tch slapping those who barely work at making it big. "If you're thirty and ain't flipping bricks by now / You wasting time get a job DHL, Fed-Ex, UPS is hiring."

Killer hooks up with Ice Cube on "Pressure," a politically fueled look at the African-American demise in racist America. "Black politicians, stop bullshitt*ng / And you funky preachers with your pulpits / Our King had dreams and big visions / All you give us is government and religion."

As Killer Mike hypes up his righteous vibe throughout the album, tracks like "Woke Up This Morning" and "If I Can't Eat Right" contradict his conscious views, as he chants about loose women and his obsession with making that paper. Unfortunately Mike loses focus at some points on The Grind II, which most will want to skip over; ignoring his "get money, f*** hoes" attitude for better tracks.

There's salvage on "I Gotcha" where he comes back as a solider ready to save Hip-Hop. "Is it the Hip-Hop police here to rob us? / Man, I don't know, but I'll fold their plans." Killer even gets holy on the gospel driven "God In The Building."

Despite Killer's flip-flopping between being socially conscious and a money hungry womanizer, he's probably one of the most captivating rappers out there. There's no front to hide behind when it comes to Killer Mike; he's playing the game like a true business man and telling it like it is on The Grind II.