King Gordy: Meet The Entity

Dwelling from the newly unearth underground hip hop scene of Detroit, King

Gordy is determined to make you believe the name. With his hair braided

into the configuration of horns and an unapologetically big-boned crew

called the Fat Killahz, King Gordy’s is not your usual emcee. His skills on

the mic and who-the-fuck-are-you confidence attracted the crowned king of

Detroit, Eminem, to do three tracks on his debut album, The Entity. A hardcore Kurt Cobain fan, King Gordy dubs himself the “ghetto Edgar Allen Poe,”

and like Poe he is able to poetically delineate the depression he has

witnessed in the streets of Detroit with foresight and a passion that is

both dark and real. With every new hip hop act sounding just like the next

hip hop act, King Gordy’s visually-shocking lyrical style, grimy reality

themes, and affinity for rhyming of rock like beats make him stand out.

After playing the part of Big-O in 8 Mile and dropping his album, all of

Detroit is starting to recognize, now he wants the entire hip hop community

to know King Gordy.

Allhiphop: Describe the feel of your album, The Entity.

King Gordy: It’s hip hop with a rock edge, it’s something new. It’s

something like people ain’t really doing. It’s a whole new feel for hip


Allhiphop: You said that you feel hip hop saved you life, what do you mean

by that?

King Gordy: Cause I was selling crack in vacant houses and sh*t. All my

niggas was robbing niggas, making niggas get the f*ck on the floor. So it’s

like that sh*t saved me man. Cause I know if I’m broke, broke as hell and I

know you got it, I’m gone take that sh*t flat out, cause I’m not gone starve

and you eating. So this rap sh*t saved me.

Allhiphop: You did have a problem where you went to jail?

King Gordy: Yeah, I’ve been to jail, selling heroine and sh*t man. I got

caught in a raid and ended up doing 9 months, which wasn’t sh*t cause it’s

the county and I knew everybody. Plus I was still written rhymes will I was

in there.

Allhiphop: When you came out, what made you want to put 110% into the rap


King Gordy: People was saying I was hot, people was say I was there, so I

pursued it. It’s easy for your friends to tell you it’s hot, but when other

people that don’t know you saying you hot cause they just hearing you rhyme,

then you got something going.

Allhiphop: So it was that buzz on the street that propelled you to full


King Gordy: I was knew I wanted to be something, I was always gone do

something in music cause I’m musically inclined. I put a 110% into because

this is my life this is what I do, and if I’ve been writing since I was

eight years old something told to do this, so that’s what I did.

Allhiphop: Getting back to the album, it’s pretty dark.

King Gordy: It’s morbid.

Allhiphop: Talk about that.

King Gordy: It’s how I be feeling at the time, sometimes I feel violent,

sometimes I feel depressed, sometimes I feel morbid or whatever, so I’m just

giving you how I feel at that time, it’s my emotion, that’s all.

Allhiphop: Why is the name of your album the Entity?

King Gordy: Because I’m my own spirit, so I feel like there are no

boundaries with that name.

Allhiphop: How did you land your deal?

King Gordy: My man [Bizarre] from D12, he heard me and like what he heard so

he hooked up with me and took me under his wing. I started doing songs with

him and he started introducing me to people. And one he had come up to Web

Entertainment which is Mark and Jeff Bass, they are the CEO’s and the cats

that pioneered Marshall [Eminem]. And so I was playing some sh*t for

Bizarre, they heard it, they liked it, so they called me in for a meeting

like man we think you got something going, you got horns on your head, you a

good guy and you rhyme fierce, so we broke Marshall, now we’re gona try to

break you.

Allhiphop: How was making the album

King Gordy: The album was headed a whole bunch of different directions

until I said let me do me, let me do what I feel I would like to do, cause

see I make music for me, I don’t make music for the average consumer. So

the average consumer might not buy it, but they might buy it if they tired

of listening to the regular shit.

Allhiphop: How did you get your part as Big-O in 8 Mile?

King Gordy: I just went down there and auditioned?

Allhiphop: How did you hook up with Eminem?

King Gordy: I’m on Web Entertainment, so it was bound to happen anyway. Em

had been seeing me in the studio doing my thing and my manager had talked to

him about giving me some beats or whatever, so one day he just walked into

Web like ‘man Gordy I heard you wanted some beats,’ so he gave them to me

and it’s history.

Allhiphop: How was it working with him?

King Gordy: It’s beautiful, Em is a work horse, he inspires me to just stay

in the studio even when I ain’t doing nothing, just to be in the element of

it. So I love Marshall.

Allhiphop: You said your music has a rock edge to it, what do you listen


King Gordy: I listen mainly to Kurt Cobain.

Allhiphop: Does that influence your music?

King Gordy: It doesn’t really influence it, but I relate to Kurt so that’s

what I listen to. It’s like Kurt felt how I felt, that’s why the name of my

second album will be The Kurt Cobain Theory. But right now the album is in

stores man, The Entity?

Allhiphop: What’s up with your group, The Fat Killahz?

King Gordy: Awww, the world famous Fat Killahz, there is none before and

there will be none after. You have the incredible, Marvin Wonderful, the

you have Shim-e-Bango aka the black Chris Farley, then you have me King

Gordy the great, aka, Gordy Cobain and you have the leader of it all, the

founder, the Fatt Father, which makes up the Fat-tastik Four, the Fat


Allhiphop: What can people expect from you all?

King Gordy: We about eating and killing and being lyrical, we’re all

fierce. We’re probably one of the elite groups that’ll kill you line for

line. We cocky, we ain’t arrogant, but we confident. We’re probably the

best thing to happen to rap music since the mp3.

Allhiphop: Are the Fat Killahz working on anything right now?

King Gordy: We working on a mixtape.

Allhiphop: Do you have any artist?

King Gordy: Nah, just me and the Fat Killahz

Allhiphop: Finally dude, tell us what’s up with the horns?

King Gordy: Aww man, that’s just how I was born.