Konnected: Rocawear/RocNation's Interactive Guru Keeps It Real

AllHipHop.com announces "Konnected" - a tech-centric video column from the "world's most dangerous site." In collaboration with Lauren DeLisa Coleman, CEO of Punch Media Group, this new addition will be bringing you everything from the hottest digital tips from interviews with Hip-Hop power players in the new media game to tech/mobile reviews with some of your favorite artists to inside info on new digital launches and more. You are now...Konnected. We now pass the mic to Lauren Coleman.

Welcome to the new tech column on AllHipHop.com. This reoccurring feature will speak to first to you, the Hip-Hop consumer: the one who uses and spends more on your cell phone most in this country, who visits social media sites more often but gets no play in mainstream media. It's almost like you've been invisible. Well, that's over. In this column, we're gonna chop it up with a variety of on-line and mobile players while getting some tips out of them so you can get your digital game even tighter tips. I'll be taking you inside the minds and behind the tech scenes with some of the best, while keeping it interactive with you. You are now Konnected.

---- Lauren

To kick things off, I decided to interview Aleesha Smalls, Senior Interactive Marketing Manager for Rocawear and RocNation because she is truly holding it down. I've written up some highlights, but afterwards if you want to peep the full interview and get a chance at a Roc freebie, I'm inviting you to click on the link below to view the video interview.

So, for those who don't know, Aleesha oversees the digital dept that handles all the interactive marketing for Rocawear, Roc Nation, Roc4 Life and all of Jay-Z's digital properties as well as The Artful Dodger. That's a lot! Media buys, partnerships, sweepstakes - the gamut when it comes to the digital landscape. Been on any of these sites? She's the power player behind the decisions.


'Cause she knows her stuff, but also because Rocawear/RocNation has decided to take 360 approach to their customers. "Everything doesn't need to be a hard sell," Aleesha told me. "So we decided to take time and get hold of the Internet. We have a talk to instead of a talk with. For us it's about "edutaining" not just celeb gossip. We have over 25,000 members on Roc4Life where they talk about everything, for example."

But the real question is their social sites build, is what's going to be next from them? Aleesha let me know that they are really looking at things that go beyond the click. It's all about that viral ability. They'll be offering even more ways to share, provide specials and promos with countdowns, deeper experience on the fashion tips via virtual experiences on shoots and more.

No doubt, they are successful.

But how do you grab some of that?

Be on the look out because if you live in New York, Roc may be hitting a spot near you soon. "We'll be doing a five borough tour in NYC so that people get a feel for, for example, a Roc4Life and MySpace. It's about us showing the difference between all the different platforms," explains Aleesha. "You're your own on-line celebrity. You're your own brand. (We'll be talking about how to) get on as many sites as possible. You don't know how many opportunities you might be missing out on." Even for execs in the game trying to reach the hip hop consumer, Aleesha cautions that it's not just about top 10 indexing ones. Other sites might actually get a better conversion rate so Aleesha suggests opening yourself up more on-line just like in the off-line world.

She also advises indie labels, rappers, designers to really take a step back and think about how to have longevity on line. "Don't just go for just shock factor," she cautions. "Essentially gonna stop your money from coming in. Use the on-line space in a positive way. Stay in your lane and find your niche. Even for Roc4Life, we're not the site for celebrity and shock factor. (We have a different place we want to fill). So just make sure that you find a focus and ride it all the way through, and don't get discouraged on building (web hits)."

But of course, many of your might want to know much is Jay-Z himself into the digital space?

Peep the link below and find out more....

Don't miss the next episode where I talk with Ice Cube about the future of on-line video from his film-making perspective. But what's really good? Tweet me some questions to ask him. Also, what's up with Young Money and their digital moves? What do you want to know? Tweet me questions to ask their head of digital!

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