Kurious: A Constipated Monkey (Re-Issue)

Remember when Hip-Hop really meant something? A better question, do you remember when it was about quality rhymes, not taking life too seriously and having a good time? After an almost 14 year departure, Kurious Jorge is back with the release of his 1994 debut, A Constipated Monkey (Amalgam Digital). This collection of humorous tongue twisting lyricism, backed with jazz induced production, showcases timeless golden ear New York Hip-Hop at its finest.Kurious Jorge (spell it with a “J” and not with a “G”) is considered one of the shining stars of 1990’s Hip-Hop. Born of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, he grew up in Spanish Harlem with a top-notch swagger and a love for rhyming. In 1993, Kurious first single, “Walk Like A Duck,” which later appeared on his debut release, A Constipated Monkey, also featured the singles, “I’m Kurious,” “Uptown Shit” and now this re-issue includes the hard to find b-side “Mansion and a Yacht,” featuring Sadat X and Mike G.Executive produced by Bobbito Garcia and Pete Nice (3rd Bass), the album had a prologue of soon to be legends of Hip-Hop, with production from the Beatnuts, SD50s, and many more. Featured appearances included: Casual, DJ Lord Sear, Bosco Money and The Grimm Reaper a.k.a MF Grimm. But while A Constipated Monkey received high praises from Hip-Hop aficionados, it didn’t appeal to mainstream listeners, resulting in it becoming one of the most slept on albums of the 1990’s. Jorge’s comical and top notch word play was followed up with a knock out delivery. The album is a mix of conscious knowledge meets partying Uptown Saturday Night. “Spell It With A ‘J’,” is a powerful opener. With a hard hitting bass-line and blaring jazz horns, Kurious furiously performs verbal gymnastics, while taking time to break into a brief croon, giving listeners what they really want: rhymes backed by a rowdy crew on the chorus. Yes, yes, ya’ll!!! “I’m Kurious,” is a reflective walk around the barrio. Kurious, conducts a mental analysis about being young, broke, and on the come-up. With a laid-back and nonchalant flow, this has become his signature motif; searching through trials and tribulations, for a silver lining. The Beatnuts produced, “Top Notch,” is a funny, boast of Kurious pulling women [with a man or not], with a swagger that swings from jungle to jungle. Having no time for teasers and only one thought on his mind, Jorge is up to his old tricks again.Always in the lab, Kurious still created music and continued to make appearances like on, MF Doom’s, Operation: Doomsday, and currently emcees as Monsta Island Czars mad-scientist, “Biollante.” Now newly signed to Amalgam Entertainment and preparing to finally release a sophomore album, A Constipated Monkey has reemerged for those that missed it the first time around. Where’s Radio Raheem when you need him? Throw out the iPod and dust off the ghetto blaster, this is meant to roll on the reel-to-reel til’ it pops.SOUNDCHECK:Kurious "Top Notch"Kurious "Walk Like a Duck"