Lady Luck: Re-entry

When you’re signed to a deal at 17, people watch and listen. Years later, when you ask to be released from your deal, few pay attention. This emotional rollercoaster is nothing new to Hip-Hop, and a way of life for Lady Luck.

From her early attention earning appearances with Funkmaster Flex and EPMD, Luck never lived up to the momentum – but then again, some say she never got a chance. The one opportunity presented itself with a legendary Fight Klub battle with a then budding, Remy Martin. Remy won, and many skeptics felt that the champion was Lady Luck. These issues, as well as the artist’s new mixtape are chronicled in her conversation with all Hip-Hop. Luck keeps it funky, but ladylike. what’s going on in the life of Lady Luck, right now?

Lady Luck: Oh! My f**king life - I love it and I hate it. I know you hear it often, but I’m grinding. Except I mean it in every since of the word. so it’s not the typical I’m standing in the back while my record company grins for me mode?

Lady Luck: Right now, me and my teams are going state-to-state reintroducing me with my mixtape. You’re taking matters in your own hands?

Lady Luck: In the music industry, right now it seem like you either have to be from down South market and sell your own s**t out your trunk, or hell - someone else’s trunk, to get what you need done. So I’m like f**k it, I ain’t afraid of hard work. I have no problem doing what I have to do. So what exactly are you doing?

Lady Luck: We go state-to-state, literally. I mean, it’s great because I’m meeting all kinds of wonderful people not just fans, but people who really want to know how the Lady is doing. And when we get together, man, I wild the f**k out. Tell me about the mixtape…

Lady Luck: Man the mixtape has a little bit of everything on it…. you know I must admit it sounds great. It’s been a long time coming. I got a song with Olivia of G-unit…I did a mean ass remix of Alicia keys’ “Karma”…joint with Nas. This mixtape is the s**t… How could you just fail to mention the “F**k Remy” joint? And I quote: “Rip off that f**ked up weave and that ugly ass face and those f**ked up teeth…”

Lady Luck: Oh…I ain’t avoided it…yeah, I got that joint but I aint even worried about Remy. I’ll stop rapping when that b*tch goes platinum. [Laughs] I guess I really will be rapping forever. Now everybody has heard about the now infamous Fight Klub battle between you and Remy or at least the parts, that made it into the news. You never got your chance to really speak your piece. The soapbox is all yours…

Lady Luck: I mean, it wasn’t really a fair fight…at the Fight Klub, you’re allowed to bring in a certain amount of people, because the crowd helps to vote alongside the judges. You do the math with one the judges [was Remy’s] homegirl and the other judges are co-workers of that person, not to mention instead of the allowed number of people you have like five times as many…why do you think a rematch with a neutral audience was never done? Because she knows damn well she would have lost. So this is what prompts the “F**k Remy” record?

Lady Luck: That’s just me doing me - addressing the situation like a lady should. Enough said. Getting back to the mixtape, ”The Rebirth of a Lady...” why did you choose that title?

Lady Luck: Since I was signed to Def Jam, I’ve just been through a lot. I’ve experienced a lot of s**t. I know you’re supposed to pick and choose your battles - at times it seemed like the battles chose me. [laughs] I’m a born fighter and I just rolled with the punches, and learned lessons along the way. When you’re new to this, people take advantage of that…so your basically walking in the f**king dark. And when you hit bottom, don’t expect to see the same n***as that happily shared your money and whatever else any where around you. I feel like I passed my tests, that's why it’s a rebirth. You’ve spoken on the guest appearances...what else can we expect when we pop the mixtape into the CD player?

Lady Luck: I went all out beat jackin’ the whole nine. Like I got this joint called “Ghetto Kid” from Puffy’s album. I took Puffy off, so it’s me, Biggie, and Jay-Z, and if I may say so, I did my muthaf**kin’ thing. I noticed there’s no big name DJ behind it. Did you have it that way on purpose?

Lady Luck: F**k a DJ, man, I had a lot of n***as saying they’d do this or that, but I got locked up, so none of that s**t never came to be. I came home in April, and as soon as I touched down, I wanted to get my mixtape done immediately. Plus, for all the s**t I was talking, with “F**k Remy” and all that, when the s**t hit the fan I aint want no innocent person getting caught in the crossfire. ADJj got beat up for playing my s**t before, so I did what I thought was necessary. You’ve sold thousands of mixtapes already. Are labels knocking on the door to pick up Def Jam’s fumble?

Lady Luck: I got some deals on the table, but I’m taking my time on this one. Making sure that the label I eventually go with, has my best interest at heart and knows that I’m a priority. No shelf sitting this time around. I gotta do for me. Then what’s Major Hustle?

Lady Luck: Major Hustle is me and Mike Oil’s independent music label. We’re giving voices to the talented muthaf**kas that otherwise wouldn’t have no voice. And before everyone gets it f**ked up. We aint talking about drug selling…I’m talking about the hustle that everybody is a part of everyday. From the man begging for change to each time a dude steps on the ball court, to hustle for that million dollar contract. Life’s a hustle, you just have to find yours. Fans can cop the mixtape and learn more at