Last Word: Michael Jackson's Late Payment, DJ Premier Works With Whitney, and Christina Milian As Wonder Woman

How’s life everyone? The week is over and the weekend is upon us. So

let’s reminisce over bomb explosions killing 124 people and injuring

320 near the motorcade of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir

Bhutto, the supposed blood link between Vice President Dick Cheney and

his distant cousin Barack Obama, and Ellen Degeneres putting her talk

show on hold for a day after her emotional plea to an animal rights

agency to return her adopted dog Iggy.

Shout out to Tyree, who made me look at Chinese food in a different

way, and the sounding boards for providing one to grow on.

Once again...the Last Word for the week ending Oct. 19, 2007

1. Christina Milian, the Next Wonder Woman?

It could happen, as the singer/actress makes her intentions known to

become the Amazon princess in director George Miller’s big screen

adaptation of Justice League of America.

While she fills out the beauty part of the character, Milian is certain she can bring other qualities to the role.

"I think confidence and strength lie in your mind, and I would love to

exude that strength," said the singer/comic book fan told MTV. "I used

to want to work in comics. I wanted to be an illustrator. I wanted to

write books, and mostly, I wanted to write Justice League. I still

have the comic books I collected from that."

Milian is hoping Miller will look beyond her skin color when choosing

a suitable female to hold the golden lasso. In the meanwhile, you can

catch her on the Oct. 25 episode of Smallville.

So what do you think? I posed this question weeks ago when I mentioned

that Tyrese Gibson was being in the running to play Green Lantern in

the JLA movie. Do you see Christina Milian as the new Wonder Woman?

2. Rosie Perez Stakes Claim On J. Lo

It’s been a good minute since we’ve heard from Rosie Perez, but the

actress is speaking her peace as she set the record straight as to

whether she or In Living Color creator Keenan Ivory Wayans was responsible

for discovered Jennifer Lopez.

"I’m the one that hired her, even though she tells everyone Keenan

[Ivory Wayans] was," the former Fly Girl choreographer told Out

magazine gossip columnist Micheal Musto. "He didn’t want her because

she was overweight and didn’t dance that well, but I said, ‘She has

star quality.’ He said, ‘Your job depends on it.’ And I thought, 'Oh,


Looks like Rosie’s hunch paid off, as J-Lo not only became the most

well-known Fly Girl, but an A-Lister in Hollywood. Now if only Lopez

can co-sign on this, we can put all those years of debate among In

Living Color historians to rest. 3. DJ Premier Re-ups With Christina Aguilera, Co-Signs Whitney Houston Return

Throughout his career, DJ Premier has collaborated with a who’s who of

rappers in the Hip-Hop universe. Only recently has the Gang Starr

beatmaker ventured beyond the rap world, as he blessed Christina Aguilera with tracks on her latest album Back to Basics.

The experience worked so well that Premo is hooking up with Aguilera

again, this time for a potentially vintage collaboration between the

old and the new.

"Christina got back at me because she's doing a duet with Aretha

Franklin," Premier told According to the site, the

Aguilera/Franklin song will likely appear on Franklin’s forthcoming

album Jewels In The Crown: All Star Duets With The Queen, which is due

to be released this year.

And if that wasn’t enough, Premier may get a chance to work with Whitney Houston on her long-awaited comeback album.

"I heard some of Whitney Houston's new s**t and I might be taking on

some new stuff for her," revealed the beat crafter, who just happened

to be at the right place at the right time to be consider for working

with the former Mrs. Bobby Brown.

"It wasn't even a scheduled type thing either. You know how it

happened? I was up at the label and Clive Davis heard that I was in the

building and said, ‘Premier is in the building? Send him in here.’ He

asked me to listen to a few things. I heard three or four songs and was

like, ‘this one is a good jump off... this has potential...'"

While Premo has faith in Whitney’s new material, the big question is does she still have the pipes to recapture her glory days?"The voice is still there man. Trust me."

What more can you say? If Premo can do for Whitney what he did for Christina, then clear out that number one spot. It’s a wrap.

4. Michael Jackson Adds Yet Another Legal Bill

Chalk up another "L" for Michael Jackson, as the singer collected another legal debt to pay.

According to the Associated Press, Jackson was ordered Monday (Oct. 15)

to pay $175,000 in overdue attorney’s fees to Ayscough & Marar. The

law firm sued the pop icon in February 2006 claiming he didn't pay for

services it rendered on his behalf.

As a result of all of this, Jackson owes more than $430,000 to the

firm. To date, Jackson hasn’t paid any of the money due, said Brent

Ayscough, a partner at Ayscough and Marar.

As for whether the embattled music icon will eventually pay up,

Jackson’s attorney simply told the AP, "You’d have to ask him that."

Until then, the court award will increase annually at a rate of 10 percent.

While I’ve been known to hold out on paying my debts, there’s a limit

to how long we can go before our debt grows beyond our budget. Maybe Jacko can set up a We Are the World type of event or song to help

a worthy cause...himself.

5. Nicole Scherzinger Searches For "The Hottest Man In the Universe"

As one of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger is no stranger to

showing what her mama gave her. But it may be a surprise to some to

find out that she wasn’t always comfortable in her own skin. "At my first photo shoot, I looked at the costumes and cried. I wasn't

used to showing so much of my body," Scherzinger revealed in the

November issue of Blender magazine.

And while the shyness wore off, the singer admits she’s still

struggling with one other issue, finding a suitable person to date. "You get these crushes on guys, and then you meet them and you realize

you just loved the role they were playing," said Scherzinger, who

shared that she has been single since August after breaking up with

Laguna Beach star Talan Torriero. "Like, who doesn't love Ryan Gosling

after you see The Notebook? Then you meet the person and you're like,

'Huh? What?'"

So if you’re wondering who Scherzinger is looking for, it’s simple.

According to Blender, the singer is holding out for "the hottest man in

the universe." If you fit the bill, feel free to step up and try your


6. Gabrielle Union Fesses Up To Eva Mendes Girl-Crush

Gabrielle Union is one of the most beautiful women in movies, and the object of a lot of crushes among guys. But according to the New York Daily News, the actress has someone else in sight as an object of admiration.

"She's so hot, right?" Union said about fellow thespian Eva Mendes,

while attending Jermaine Dupri’s book launch party Monday (Oct. 15)

night in New York. "We're good friends, but I have to say I do have a

girl-crush on her."

Despite the confession, the Daily News reports that Union came with and

stuck close to Evan Ross. But according to Jay Galvin, a mutual friend,

"They’re just pals," and are not dating.

Good deal. That leaves the door open for whatever fantasy you have in mind.