Lee Mazin Talks Working With Swizz Beat And Ruff Ryders

Ruff Ryders had a huge star in a Philly rapper named Eve. Can they reproduce the success with Lee Mazin?

By Rashad D. Grove

(AllHipHop Features) Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection, has long been a hotbed for some of the best MC’s in the game. Notably, many women such as Bahamadia, Eve, Charli Baltimore, Ms. Jade, and the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes have gained success from Philly. Following their footsteps while blazing her own trail, Lee Mazin is set to keep the tradition of Philly MCing going. Ever since she burst on the scene as a protégé of Meek Mill on Dream Chasers, this multi-talented MC, singer, and producer has gained a reputation for being one of the hottest new voices in the game. I caught up with Lee Mazin to talk about the history of Philly Mcing, her latest single “Walk Thru,” from her forthcoming project, and being signed to legendary Hip-Hop label, Ruff Ryders.

AllHipHop: Philly has a long history of great MCing. You gotta have your bars right to be considered legit. Now that you have arrived on the scene, how has that legacy of Philly MCing influenced you?

Lee Mazin: It definitely had an impact on me. I remember when the city was on fire with Eve being on Ruff Ryders, Beanie Sigel and State Property, Philly’s Most Wanted and Major Figgas getting on. Even though I was a baby. HAHA! But I was a head of my time. It feels great to follow in the footsteps of the greats that came from Philly.

AllHipHop: When did you discover that you wanted to be an MC?

Lee Mazin: What’s crazy is that it kind of just fell into my lap honestly. I never thought I would be doing music because I was always chilled behind the scenes with it but I always knew I had a gift. I just had to learn how to use it. So it kind of smacked me and my face literally.

I recorded a freestyle and it got on the internet. Then I was asked to do a feature for $500. I was dead broke and I just dropped out of college so I needed the bread. I never been in the studio to record before so I went and I got $500 for it.

From there, I started getting spins on the radio in Philly on Power 99, shout out to DJ Diamond Kuts. Next thing I know, I was opening up for Rick Ross, Trina, and other mainstream artists when they came to Philly. Then I linked up with Meek and I signed to Dream Chasers. All of that happened within six months to a year. Everything happened so fast.

AllHipHop: Tell me about your experience with Dream Chasers with Meek and Rick Ross being so hot at the time. What was that like?

Lee Mazin: We had a ball. I went on my first tour with them. Meek’s hustle is crazy. It’s like he never sleeps. He would take a quick catnap and be right back in the studio, right back doing his shows, doing parties. His ambition and his motivation is probably the biggest thing that I learned from him.

And, always plug yourself. Meek’s the type of person to be like, “I'm gonna put you in a room with some people but I’m not gonna talk for you.” So we really learned to network and we met a lot of people in the industry**.**

AllHipHop: Philly has produced some legendary women as MC’s. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Bahamadia, Eve, Charli Baltimore, and Ms. Jade. How does it feel that you are now the next one that everybody is checking for?

Lee Mazin: It’s definitely an incredible feeling. I actually got to meet and work with Bianca from Major Figgas and that was crazy! I linked up with Eve you know, maybe in the future we’ll do something in the future but they’ve definitely influenced my music.

AllHipHop: Ruff Ryders is one of the most iconic labels and brands in Hip-Hop history. What should we expect from this partnership?

Lee Mazin: Me and Swizz have been working on some things together. It’s gonna be a dope situation. They had a formula with Eve being from Philly and she blew up in a major way. And now we’re going do it the Lee Mazin way.

AllHipHop: You’re in the process of working on your debut. Do you have a title yet?

Lee Mazin: I don’t have a title yet. I wish I did. It’s all going to come together at the end. But I’m looking to drop it this summer. When I get everything titled, we gone come back and see you for sure.

I’m just excited about the future. “Walk Thru” is out. The video for “Nobody should be dropping soon. I got a movement called Chosen One Entertainment and we do everything from music, to acting, bike riding, and modeling. We’re releasing a clothing line next month.

AllHipHop: Most definitely. Your latest track “Walk Thru” is a banger. Tell me what the vibe was like when you are you created it?

Lee Mazin: We were in the studio at like 2 in the morning and Dizzy, a producer from New York, came in with some beats. He played one and I was like, “This jawn hard. Load this up. “So I was already like in the mood for it. So, I just went into the booth and vibed out. I just wanted to try like a different tone to my voice so I’m a little more mellow with it. I eased back on the aggression purposely. I was like, “I want to hear how this kind of style sounds.” He had to turn up my vocals up because my volume was so low but it came out hot.

AllHipHop: Lastly, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of women in Hip-Hop. You are ready to launch at the right time. What’s your take on the rise of women in Hip-Hop in this moment?

Lee Mazin: It feels great. When I was first coming out that it was always this conversation like, “There can only be 2-3 females tops at one time.” Usually only one and a possible. But to see all these different woman coming from different areas, with their own sound at one time, it’s like we taken over the game. And nobody didn't think that it was possible and that it would be happening so rapidly. It’s so many FEMC’s at one time and I love the whole culture behind it. I'm good with my OG’s that I was coming up listening to, looking up to. I've met most of them or worked with them so it’s good to see all of these women get shot in the game.