Life Sentences

Artist: Greenhouse EffectsTitle: Life SentencesRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Paine

Ohio is clearly starting to make more of an impression on hip-hop than just Bone Thugs. RJD2, Copywrite, and Blueprint are making exciting records that have the mainstream media talking. The Greenhouse Effect is an eight-year deep bond between Blueprint, Inkwel, and P-Dunbar. After a well received EP three years ago, the group returns with Life Sentences a full 20-track meal of hot tracks Columbus breaks through, alas.

If the Greenhouse Effect is to be known for one trait, it’s vocal tone. While all three MC’s have superior skills, they stand out for their higher-pitch voices. Blueprint specifically is known for this. Lyrically, Blueprint finds the role as the group’s leader. While his skills don’t seem any better than Inkwel or P-Dunbar, ‘Print still makes his tracks universally relatable. A track like “Red Badge of Courage” is a classic example of this group’s worthwhile conscious offerings. While several tracks off the album are heavy on thoughts and messages, the trio still serves proof of their MC statuses with joints like “To Rhyme is Divine.” While most underground acts are deft with the delivery, few touch the topics of Greenhouse Effect.

Soul Position caught the attention of many when it paired Blueprint with producer, RJD2. Few realized what an incredibly dope producer than ‘Print is on his own. While his technique seems very minimalist, he is sampling some deep-rooted sounds that just rehash so nicely. Tracks like “Fantasy Island”, “Friction” (check Vast Aire’s guest spot), and “Cracked Pavement” are all great complete tracks fueled by unique ballad production.

Columbus, Ohio may sound boring when paired against Brooklyn. But there is nothing boring about Greenhouse Effect in a sea of comparable work. This album offers a good, varying sound, audible group chemistry, and a spectrum of content matter. This album is exciting and has purpose. Blueprint is damn hardworking - nobody has put out so much material in a single year since E-40.