Lil Flip: Making Moves

AllHipHop: What's the deal with your new album,

Game Over? what can people expect?

Lil Flip: It's more energy in this album. I did

some more stuff. I got A list producers on this album. The first album went

platinum and I did set out to do that. I did that without A list producers.

I got Cam'ron on the album on a track called "All I Know," I got Ludacris

on the first track called "I Came to Bring the Pain." Pharell did

a track and he did a hook for me. I got two Red Spyda joints.

AllHipHop: What made you take it that direction?

Lil Flip: I just wanted to switch it up. I like

to experiment. I never want to do the same stuff.

AllHipHop: What brought you to Sony's attention?

Lil Flip: I been doing these mix tapes for a

while with DJ Screw so we were doing mix tapes, we got like 30 mix tapes out

now. We just be doing mixtapes and that's how I got hot around Houston. We hooked

up with a couple of them promoters. They had us like in the Midwest. On the

first album I was doing shows in Cleveland and Arkansas. I wasn't just doing

shows in Texas. That's how I built up my name and I sold 150,000.

AllHipHop: Do you feel you haven't quite reached

some markets with the style that you had before?

Lil Flip: Yeah, its always room for more market

but I also feel that every year gets better. I feel like I got some more markets

I need to reach until I go around the whole world. I feel like I'm making good


AllHipHop: As far as the situation with Columbia,

is that on good terms, because there are rumors maybe you were thinking bout

breaking out or anything like that?

Lil Flip: Actually the label I was with Sucka

Free, I'm not with them, and I got my own label now because now I want to be

more involved. I'm still with Sony though. I just got the middleman out of the


AllHipHop: It's funny you should mention that

because we had talked to Hump from Sucka Free about that and he said that you

kind of broke away because you didn't really want to help promote anybody else

involved in the label and they had other artist they wanted to put out.

Lil Flip: That's not what happened. I was helping

everybody, even putting them on stuff. Basically I want to be involved in everything.

If you tell you spent a million dollars on something I want to see that it's

spent. When you take people's word for so long, you can get caught up in traveling

and your business is not being handled. If you cool and you my homie then show

me everything. Let me see everything. Basically I'm not just going to stand

for anything and as far as helping people, that's what I do. That's why my business

wasn't handled because I'm trying to handle everybody else's. Now I'm finna

to make sure my stuff straight.

AllHipHop: So you started the label so you can

monitor your business a little bit closer?

Lil Flip: Yeah, Actually I owned part of that

label and I wasn't getting treated the way a CEO should be treated. Now I'm

over everything and I'm making sure. I'm co-directing my video with Benny Boom.

I got my own liquor coming out.

AllHipHop: What's that all about? The liquor.

Lil Flip: It's called Lucky Nights. It tastes

like pineapple. I was going to do cognac or something like that. It taste like

pineapple, strong. I didn't want to do liquor where people be like 'oh he has

his own name but it taste like Alize or it taste like.....' So it has its own