Lil’ Flip: Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Lil’ Flip personally requested that writer Kay Konnect relay a message to his fans regarding the flock of filter in his last interview about the drama surrounding Hump and Sucka Free Records. Flip wanted to expand his original statements.

Lil’ Flip:

Yeah, yeah, we gotta clear some stuff up that they had on They had some stuff that they got from Hump.

The Sucka Free Records thing?

Lil’ Flip:

The whole thing with that was…I really don’t try to put my business out there. Like if you’re a man…you are supposed to settle the stuff so the fans won’t think that I didn’t want to be with him…

The bottom line was….I was doing a whole bunch of shows and I wasn’t getting none of the deposits. Like imagine doing thirty shows for $5,000 grand a piece and all you are getting is $1200.

That’s Christmas for somebody.

Lil’ Flip:

Imagine a person telling you that you own a label and when you look at the paper work your name is not there.

Some people take moves for granted.

Lil’ Flip:

Well I was young. He grew up with my dad so I expected him not to mess me over. But he kinda…I was supposed to get paid as a rapper and CEO. But what he did was…he had it that I made more money than other rappers, but I made less than him, and I was doing a lot of work. Like up in the studio while everybody else was up with girls and shit…I was up in the studio grinding.

I respect that. Now that you have your company “Clover G” how is your business practices? Because once money gets in the way…need I say more?

Lil’ Flip:

What’s crazy is that I been having money. I’m not going to say that my family was rich, but I had money. Plus I was working in high school. The money thing…I don’t mind sharing with people, but to some people when you’re young they take stuff for granted. When you are young, you don’t research everything that’s going on. A person could tell you that you own the company and that you got a million dollars in the bank. But if you don’t go to the bank and count that million dollars, guess what, it might not be there!!!

So I just want to clear up some of the things because he makes it seem like I don’t want to help nobody. Don’t get it twisted.