Lil Wayne's Top 5 Best And Worst Fashion Moments

Lil Wayne is known to blend skate, rock and hip-hop trends into his wardrobe. Sometimes he's on point, and at other times, not so much. We've broken down the five best and worst fashion moments we've caught Weezy in—you can let us know if you cosign: THE BEST: 5. We respect the way Weezy keeps it clean with his clothing here, since his red high-top Converse kicks do all the talking. 4. Once again, Weezy proves that footwear can make an outfit. The rest is laid back and cool, with dark denim and a grey fitted hoodie. 3. Weezy doesn't seem to tire of his never-ending collection of Chucks. He nails the skate trend with them, his black dress pants and wallet chain. 2. The slim khakis, plain black Chucks, black/white graphic tee and fedora work for us. Simple and casual with a little edge. 1. With all the loud printed gear out there, its always nice to see a graphic-free ensemble. The solid colored purple jacket, plain white tee, raw denim and rugged Timbs combo is fresh. THE WORST:5. Although Weezy seems to be feeling them in this pic, the oversized shorts are dead wrong. 4. Weezy needs to turn that thumb upside down, because these tighty whities are not working for him. 3. The kicks alone are bold statement need to throw in the matching bright yellow adidas jacket. 2. Once again...what's good with the unnecessary matchy-matchy look? 1. We'll blame BAPE for this one.