Listening to These OVOXO Songs May Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is by far the most confusing Holiday for young couples. As you may know – Valentine’s Day is a “Her” day, so those flowers better be fresh.

For my fellas, V-Day is a huge conflict of interest because Feb 14th marks the last day of “Cuffing” season. Unless you Diddy your way out things, (ending it right then and there with your J-LO) you got to get her something special…or else.

I recommend going out for dinner or framing your Valentine’s Day card to avoid finding it in a shoe box under the bed.

Or, you can get her a classic R&B album, and let Marvin Gay do all the talking for you.

What you don’t want to do is play the wrong OVOXO song. Yes, Trilogy is a terrific 3-disc buy, but playing “Wicked Games” with her in the passenger will insure you a long ride home from that romantic dinner date.

I’m not a love expert, but I know not to push my girl in “Marvin’s Room.” Here are 10 songs from the Canadian artists you should avoid on Valentines Day.

Wicked Games – Weeknd, House of Balloons

Marvin’s Room – Drake, Take Care

The Birds Part 2 – Weeknd, Thursday

Good Ones Go – Drake, Take Care

Do it All – Drake

The Birds Part 1 – Weeknd, Thursday

Outside – Weeknd, Echoes of Silence

Doing It Wrong – Drake, Take Care

Replacement Girl – Drake

Initiation – Weeknd, Echoes of Silence

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