Live at the House of Blues DVD

Artist: TupacTitle: Live at the House of Blues DVDRating: 4 StarsReviewed by: Piff Huxtable

Tupac Amaru Shakur had many sides to him. There was the revolutionary that spoke on how powerful the streets would be if finally unified. He also was able to flip it to a much more poetic type who shined on "Brenda's Got A Baby" and "Dear Momma." What made him infamous though was his Thug Life persona. He was a rock star in his own brash and reckless way. In one of his last performances while on Death Row Records, Live At The House Blues (Death Row/Eagle Vision) captures Pac' in rare form in front of a Los Angeles crowd.

Tupac gets the crowd buck with "Ambitionz Az A Ridah." The Outlawz back him up on stage as he sets the mood with the hard hitting album cut. Pac does smooth it out with the "How Do You Want It." K-Ci & Jo-Jo make a brief cameo to help out on the hook. The Deathrow Records atmosphere is further established when Snoop rocks while Pac takes a breather. The two close the show appropriately with "2 Of Amerika's Most Wanted." Even though Pac' only performs a handful of tracks, the quality is exceptional. This should hold down any Tupac fan until the next posthumous release.