Live Chat With Freeway Tonight At 8:00 PM:Convos With Beanie, Nore & Saudi Arabia

AllHipHop Staff

**THIS CHAT IS OVER!***The Freeway chat will return next MondayA week ago, hosted Freeway's weekly chat and learned quite a bit about the rapper.

We learned that he has no beef with Joe Budden. We learned his views on Jay-Z vs Beans. We also learned that Freeway is consistently working on new music.

This week, the chat continues and you get to chop it up with Freeway and ask the Philly Freezer anything you want to.

We will say this, Free is going to take the time to talk about a few matters that are important to him. Tonight fans can expect Freeway to talk about his latest conversations with Beans, the "fake" album being put out by another label and what he and NORE have in common. Even AllHipHop wants to know what that's all about.

Lastly, Freeway will discuss the Haji in Saudi Arabia, a trip hea leaves for later this week. Also, click here to read Freeway's recent interview with AHH.

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