Lloyd Banks: Punchline Addendum...

Hate it or love it, every crew would love to have a Lloyd Banks in its

corner. Fierce loyalty means he will ride for the team no matter what.

To quote Slim Charles on The Wire: “It's what war is you know?

Once you in it, you in it. If it's a lie, then we fight on that lie but

we got to fight.” But since Banks’ squad at least is supposed to focus

on rapping, it means loading his punchlines into the mic and blasting

the lyrical vitriol at any of the G-Unit’s sworn enemies. Here is more

from of Gang Green from our extensive sit down with The Unit. AllHipHop.com: Banks let me ask you this question, G-Unit as far as the music, what do you bring?Lloyd

Banks: I bring a lot. I bring that lyrical side, the energy. I’ve been

doing the mixtape thing for so long just, I try to balance that out

with the actual recording process ‘cause people have their views and

they fall in love with the material that leads into the album. I feel

like it’s necessary though, it’s like going to watch a movie without a

trailer, you know what I’m sayin’, so that’s what the mixtapes did.Before Return of the Body Snatchers

came out I was saying it’s hard to get recognized on the mixtape market

because people are not zeroed into looking for artists no more; they

did that three or four years ago. Now name an artist that actually came

out on the mixtape market since G-Unit, any artist since G-Unit that

has success. Like Joe Budden had an album that came out but it wasn’t

as successful as he wanted to be. His first project, he got his record

deal through the mixtape market. But since then it’s been five or six

more that’s been signed but it’s hard.50 Cent: It is because they actually have to figure out how to write songs.Lloyd Banks: Songs, right.AllHipHop.com: I was going to ask do you’re overlooked in the game? It’s not like Banks was away because he got wack..Lloyd

Banks: Yeah, time is everything. The person that’s in front of the

camera everyday is the person that automatic can get freestyles at

AllHipHop. As long as they consistently got something to look at,

listen to it that’s when it becomes number one, number two. Me

unfortunately I was going through some things unfortunately, but now

I’m back on the market, look at the reviews, they say how many times

it’s being played and how many comments is on that. If I’m not number

one up there I’m number two up there.AllHipHop.com: On “I’m

Back (Another 70 Bars)” you said, “N***a knocked off, like Obama if he

wins.” So you think Obama is a marked man?Lloyd Banks: And

Obama yeah name a black leader who in some way if he hasn’t been

assassinated he was assassinated you know by character or through

whatever. It’s just happened [throughout] history and I’m 25 years old

and I know that. Whenever they see something out there that’s

stronger…and Obama already looks like the president .You know how

Jordan got the symbol, I see the Obama poster half of his face black,

half of his face white he look like the president already. Time will

tell but it’s not ignorant of me to say that ‘cause the s**t happen.

That’s like saying I got diamonds, in my neighborhood you’re gonna get

robbed, s**t. It happens a lot of times people get robbed, how many

more references do you need before you understand that this s**t is

real. We still live in a society that everything’s not 100% patient,

Racism still exists.

“Name a five-star general with a mohawk?” – Tony Yayo

AllHipHop.com: The love for the music that hasn’t changed, as far as the game what wears on y’all the most?Yayo: B***h a** n***as. Swagger jackin.50 Cent: That s**t don’t even bother me no more.Lloyd

Banks: It bothers the f**k out of me though, it bothers me. When you an

artist at home…think about an aspiring artist. Somebody that’s right

now with the pad and he had Biggie and Pac, he had 50, he had Snoop and

then the s**t changes up and is filled with the s**t you never see.50 Cent: You don’t know what it’s supposed to be right now.Lloyd Banks: The n***a’s wearing glitter belts and tight a** pants and dating back even in history…50: It’s backwards, it is backwards.Lloyd Banks: S**t is going away like…they’re influencing what we wear opposed to what we make them wear. 50 Cent: Yeah, urban clothing has rock ‘n’ roll inspired stuff on it instead of being urban.Lloyd Banks: I’m not with it.50

Cent: They dress like skateboarders now. For example it feels like you

got a hell of a confusion going on man you got motherf***ers running

around looking like Gumby still right now….retro…man still that’s ill.Lloyd Banks: “Man bags” and s**t like that.50

Cent: Retro..but you know what happens? This is what’s ill. Where I’m

from you get f***ed up doing that s**t wearing your hair like that,

like that n***as is gonna identify with that as ok he’s not really

knowing what the f**k is going on. [Makes smack sound]Lloyd Banks: A n***a will snatch your girl right off your arm, what’s up shorty?AllHipHop.com:

It seems like cats is slidin’ with that though. Stuff where you might

have got snatched up in the 80’s or 90’s is being given a pass now. Yayo: Agree to disagree man. 50 Cent: But that’s that s**t that confuses n***as, like with the mohawk. Diddy can wear the mohawk, not Game. [For The Game's Take On G-Unit , Click Here]

Yayo: Name a five-star general with a mohawk?Lloyd Banks: …a butterfly50

Cent: I don’t believe these n***as man, he’s in a different space. Like

the mohawk is cool you gotta think about who he’s in a meeting with

talkin’ about Diddy like he’s in a space where he’s established himself

as a businessman. When you go to MTV the majority of the artists go in

there just to do promotions for their little CD when he [Diddy] has

three television shows on the network, see what I’m sayin’. They feel

like they’re in the same lane; if their CD just sold a million copies

they think they in the same range as in when his business portfolio is

way longer.

"People always say where would you be without 50? I don’t think about s**t like that that. That discredits all work that I really did, the

s**t is over my head." -Lloyd Banks


We interviewed Game and he said, it’s only going to be Tony Yayo and 50, Banks is going too, do you want to respond?Lloyd Banks:

The story for the people at home that don’t know no better… what irks

me the most is that knowing the s**t I got and the opportunities that

I had…like people always say where would you be without 50? I don’t

think about s**t like that that. That discredits all work that I really

did, the s**t is over my head. Now Game…like average pair of

jeans got five pockets right, two in the front two in the back now

word, one right here [coin pocket]. But [Game] had a n***a in everyone

of them pockets. [Laughs] Now you think that I’m joking. The reason why

Game didn’t work is 50 is looking out for his interest not Henchman or

D-Mack or whoever else was in them pockets. They knew they couldn’t get

it like that.50 Cent: And convinced him to go on his own.Lloyd

Banks: So let’s take Game over here, this n***a think he 50 and get

the money hopefully before he falls on his face now they got

him…listen, he said he wanted to kill himself…Yayo: Pull the trigger!Lloyd Banks: Two times in the last two years he wanted to kill himself.Yayo: Pull the trigger what is he waiting for?! Just pull the goddamn trigger. I’ll celebrate.Llloyd

Banks: Look at me [looks at camera], next time you’re in your crib in

the dark, right, and you got that joint to your head, just do it. Blow

your noodles out all over the nice wall and get it over with. That’s

not even a good message to be puttin’ out their either, what the f**k

kind of s**t is that? Kill yourself?50 Cent: I don’t understand why that would be a topic…Additional reporting by Steve Julien.