"Love Lockdown" - The Remixes: Which Do You Like Best?

It’s ironic that as I write this piece, my neighbor upstairs happens to have “Love Lockdown” blasting so loud that I can hear the 808’s pounding like a heartbeat in my chest. A hit is a hit, and by no means am I surprised that this new single from Kanye West has caught the attention of people from all walks of life. It’s different; it’s unique. It’s Kanye West – the same guy who spares no expense to dare to be different. After all, Kanye appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show this week to debut his video for “Love Lockdown.” Not on MTV’s TRL (R.I.P.) or BET’s 106 and Park, but The Ellen Degeneres show! No one could have guessed that’s where they’d see this video for the first time, after all the average Hip-Hop fan is either in school or at work when the show airs, which makes one ponder –“What is Kanye up to now!”But anyway, while “Love Lockdown” is slowly climbing the charts and being played on radio stations around the world. The single has motivated other artists to make their own renditions. And if you’re a regular YouTube surfer, you’ve probably become familiar with some of the remixes to “Love Lockdown.” I have come across five in particular: Tonedeff, Royce Da 5'9, Trey Songz, Jin, and Mysto & Pizzi. In taking out the time to listen to each of these renditions I was moved by the work of Mysto & Pizzi the production duo out of Queens who put together a House Remix of “Love Lockdown.” Maybe it’s because I’m partial to House Music being from Chicago and all, but the other four remixes were average to me, even though I did find some humor in Royce Da 5’9’s version. But now that you know which rendition I prefer I’d like to know which one you like best. Take some time and check out “Love Lockdown” The Remixes.Remix #1: Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)MC/Producer Tonedeff crafts his own version of "Love Lockdown" titled "Warden" which combines the 808's of "Love Lockdown" minus the Auto-Tune and a verse with his signature speedy delivery:Remix #2: Royce Da 5'9 - "Shot Down" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)Royce Da 5'9 keeps the same instrumental and melody, adding gunshots and an audio bloodbath, as he sings about taking some lives:Remix #3: Trey Songz - "Love Lockdown" Remix (with Kanye West)Singer/Songwriter Trey Songz takes over the track after Kanye's first verse, adding some anger and arrogance with lines like, "One of the best to do it; stick out my chest and do it. If Kanye West could do it; and they thought he was stupid. And that's what they is; if they don't f**k with this." Remix #4: Jin - "Love Lockdown" Remix (with Kanye West)Rapper Jin loops the intro to "Love Lockdown" and spits an extensive introductory verse that leads into the original:Remix #5: Mysto & Pizzi - "Love Lockdown" Electro MixQueens production duo Mysto & Pizzi add some synths and up the tempo on the original track, recreating it into an electro-dance mix with a Euro feel to it:Vote On Your Favorite:Poll Answers