Ludacris, Melanie Fiona Bring Heineken Red Star Soul To Philly

AllHipHop Staff

The Heineken Red Star Soul Event hit Philadelphia with the impact of a meteor by bringing some of Hip-Hop's finest artist to Shampoo Night Club last week. Artists such as Ludacris, Melanie Fiona, and Ab-Liva of the Re-up Gang were in the building. Not to mention, the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff was on the turntables with Skillz and comedian/actor Kevin Hart played host for the evening.

Leading the performances was first lady of Roc Nation Melanie Fiona with her single “Give it to me Right.” Fiona's debut album, The Bridge, has been pushed back to a November 3rd release date.

“The bridge is a good symbol to bridge the gap of the things that separate people whether it be genre's of music, genders, or cultures even for me this album has become my bridge to the rest of the world,” Fiona told

The album was prematurely released by iTunes but Melanie was still in good spirits as if the album had officially been released.

“I think the wonderful thing about that and as frustrating as it can be as an artist is that it is giving me more time to expose myself to a bigger audience,” she continued.

Ludacris performs

As the night progressed, comedian Kevin Hart entertained the crowd producing a bevy of fun and laughter.

“Working with Heineken doing the Red Star Soul Event is a great thing. They're happy to have me and I'm just as happy to have them,” quipped Hart. “All of my checks have cleared so this has been amazing.”

Ludacris' rocked the crowd performing a set including songs “What's Your Fantasy” and “Move B***,” as well as some new cuts from his soon to be released disc, Battle of the Sexes. The rapper/actor/philanthropist/restaurateur connected with the crowd giving a mini concert.

“It's an opportunity to embrace the fans its more private and I get to do more songs. It's totally unorthodox and I love doing shows like that. Whenever we get it intimate like this its great,” he told AllHipHop.

Melonie Fiona rocks the Philly crowd

Melanie Fiona discusses new album The Bridge @ Heineken Red Star Soul – Philadelphia