Luke Cage 2: From Hip-Hop To Soul Music To Jazz To, Black Music Is Greatness


The music from "Luke Cage" takes center stage as season 2 rapidly approaches.

(AllHipHop Features) The second season of "*Marvel's Luke Cage" rapidly approaches**. The "Harlem's Paradise" featurette is focused on showcasing behind-the-scenes interactions from the various musical performances and artists throughout the second season of Marvel's Luke Cage*. It was created to highlight the importance of music in the series and the overall emphasis of the Black music experience that contributes to the authenticity of Harlem's culture -- a major factor within the Luke Cage series as a whole. It also underscores the importance of how Harlem is a place that coalesces different musical influences and how Harlem's Paradise embodies the way the neighborhood allowed black artists to pave their own path in the music industry.