Lupita Nyong’o Ghostwriter Robyn Hood Balances Lyrical Greatness And Hollywood

Don't sleep! Robyn Hood is here and the Philly MC is taking several worlds by storm.

"My brand is versatility/flexible agility/labeled by the labels a threat/and so they fearing me/elucidate that speech so clear/but y’all ain’t hearing me." - Robyn Hood

(AllHipHop Features) Robyn Hood is not your average rapper, which almost seems like a compliment. Fact is, when it comes to bars, most rappers are average these days. But not the Philly rhymester. Her bars are like uppercuts from "Iron" Mike Tyson, a Hip-Hop demeanor that belies her other career as an actress. Robyn has gotten accolades on the street for her mixtapes like "Higher" and "#Sweet16."

Earlier this year, she infamously received instant accolades for writing bars for Black Panther stars Lupita Nyong’o and Nyong’o co-star Leticia Wright as they impressed the world with "King Warrior Scholar." Robyn, real name Miriam A. Hyman, went to school with Lupita at Yale, where they were both classically trained into actors.

Like her counterpart, Hyman's star continues to shine, as fans wait for "MrsPusherman," her debut album. AllHipHop chatted with Robyn Hood, one of the smartest, most talented artists floating in the universe of Hip-Hop.