Lyfe: Rough Nation

“Real is kind of hard to put into words. If you could put it into words then it wouldn’t be real. Real is the unexplainable. But you know it when you hear it.” - LYFE

Parlaying in front of the industry circuit, LYFE, the new age soulful street rhythm and blues mix has entered the street game from a sharp dart angle. A former prisoner of the jail system, LYFE is an example of how to re-work the pent up energy that festers in the Beast. The crooner releases earth tone tracks, self written from in and outside the walls of the cellar. 

Determined to leave the past behind, and focus on the distinctive voice that will set him free for the future, LYFE makes a passage way for fans to feel his music truthfully. LYFE, a natural blood born musician with a raspy tone reflective of Kiss of Death, Jada Kiss, launches his street ailments behind the sultry sounds slash pounds of piano keys and heart-throbbing beats.  LYFE, a charismatic starpaints pictures of success with street honesty. 

Coupled with Houston rocket rap star Lil Flip on the exclusive I Know What You Want,LYFE clearly gives new breed music the elements needed to make classic hits. Alternatives: How did you get into the R&B circuit?

 Lyfe: I came home about a year and three months ago. I had a chance to do the Apollo joint in New York. I won like five times on there and I really just went around doing a whole bunch of open mics smashing everything. Then I did a couple of label showcases. Then I got a couple of offers. And then I signed with Sony.

AHHA: Now this is within a year and a half after coming home?

Lyfe: Yeah.

AHHA: I’m sure you already had the singing pattern down before you went in, or did you discover that while you were locked up?

Lyfe: Naw, I was singing. I was doing my thing before I went in. But I wasn’t on no major level.

AHHA: What is the theme behind the music that you present to the people?

Lyfe: The theme is realness. I mean a lot of people say that they are keeping it real, but they are only keeping it partially real. They are only trying to show one side of it, which is the bad side. But there is also a good and a middle side. I’m just trying to show all of it.

AHHA: Before we go any further…we have to go into the definition of what is real (to you)?

Lyfe: Real is kind of hard to put into words. If you could put it into words then it wouldn’t be real. Real is the unexplainable. But you know it when you hear it.

AHHA: You signed with Sony, so what market are you trying to reach with the album, because it is not your typical R&B “let’s take it straight to the bed” music. It has a soulful feeling. There are some real life experiences that I hear through the snippets.

Lyfe: Demographically, fifteen on up…

AHHA: So what is embodied in this album that would make me or a fan buy it? You say real, are you touching upon love or anger? 

Lyfe: I mean I’m definitely bringing some new topics. I’m bringing some old topics, but I’m bringing them in different ways. Like most cats, if they talk about love, it’s like “I love her, she left, or I did her wrong, or you know I love him, and he did me wrong.” But I’m dealing with their inside like “aight, like I love her, but we been like together for like four years, and I’m kind of tired of her.” You get what I’m saying? So I’m dealing with some of the stuff that ain’t nobody gonna say. It sounds funny, but sometimes the truth is funny. You know what I’m saying?

AHHA: Now are you concerned about getting into that whole platinum realm, or are you just looking for people to just buy your music and be a fan verses a fly by night purchaser.

Lyfe: I mean I guess when you talk about platinum, I mean everybody would wanna be platinum, and have some success you know what I’m saying? I’m not gonna say I’m just doing this strictly for the people, but I think for the majority of what I’m doing, it is really heartfelt.