M.O.P: Rocksteady Pt. 1

The Mash Out Posse, aka M.O.P., is one of the

few hip-hop products that continues to live up to the rugged ideology that embodied

the 90’s. But while the M.O.P. grinded for years, plowing through the underground,

they didn’t meet the mainstream face-to-face until “Ante Up,”

from their Warriors CD.

Now, M.O.P. will take their audio street fight

to heavy metal with an album backed by rock band Shiner Massive. The Brownsville

team has always given way to unstoppable energy and aggression, which often

manifests itself in mass mosh pits.

During a rehearsal, M.O.P.’s Billy Danz

steps speaks on the rock album, (listen to 2 new tracks, Raise Hell and Conquerors), that elusive Roc album and how they plan to

rock the industry off its high horse.

AllHipHop.com: What made ya’ll do a rock


Billy Danz: Well that’s us. We make a lot

of aggressive music. We did a joint a few years back called, “Handle Ur

Business” a lot of screaming guitars in it. People took a liking to it

and we wasn’t uncomfortable with it. And it’s a sound like [that],

we don’t reach, if it don’t work - it just don’t work. So this

is something that worked for us. So we put a couple joints together see how

it happened, if people don’t catch on to it, I’ll still like it, I’mma

still listen to it.

AllHipHop.com: For the EP ‘Handle Ur Business,”

that was more of an in the studio type of guitar right that wasn’t live?

BD: Yeah, well no, on a couple of them joints

we had a live guitar, I think it was ‘The Way of The World’. We had

live guitar on that joint. But most of it was trinity. It came out banging though,

I’m really proud of it.

AllHipHop.com: As far as the group can you talk

about how you got together? What’s their name?

BD: You know what; I don’t even know how

it happened. They came out of the blue, Laze [group manager] hooked up with

them. They name, I don’t even know the name of the group, I just know they’re

dope as hell. I’ve really sat down with them and see how the way they play

with each other. That’s it, you got to be dope to be playing with another

dude, another dude on drums, three guitars, I mean they smoking. We smoking.

AllHipHop.com: [They are rehearsing] How’s

the show going?

BD: We have fun. Just another regular M.O.P.

show and they tight with they s**t. It’s like working on the turntable,

we play anyway. Them dudes is just dope, it’s a pleasure to work with them,

whoever the f**k they is. But they dope.

AllHipHop.com: Do you guys think this will broaden

your market with this project?

BD: Maybe it would, but our concern is not that.

Our concern is just, we try to let people know how it is, where we from and

why we make music the way we make music. So it’s real obvious with the

rap and roll stuff that we doing, that’s really not going down in the Brownsville,

up in the Bronx. And it’s something that works for them, the guitars and

the loud drums and all of that that works for them and we still comfortable

with doing our thing.

AllHipHop.com: Do you think people in Brownsville

will go cop the album or will they feel it even if they buy the bootleg?

BD: Of course we yelling and screaming all on

it, cursing all on it, violent, everything is still the same. And that’s

what people here listen to, where we from.

AllHipHop.com: So this was something that ya’ll

also did in the mean time with the album coming up…

BD: Yeah. Well, we need to keep something in

your face. Like when you think about the greats, all the dudes that really helped

us, helped Hip-Hop to get to where it is right now, people don’t even speak

about them, people forgot about them. And you still put them on the mic today,

with the newest, most sellinest dudes and they’ll blow them off. So some

people hurt themselves by not being out there. We ain’t them kind of people,

we ain’t out there out there like that, we ain’t in every club, at

every party and all of that, but as far as just music goes, we got to keep it