Mac P Dawg Talks Working At A Movie Theater With Shorelina Mafia

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The rapper talks about his come up with Shoreline Mafia and more.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

“Let Me Know” by Mac P Dawg and Ohgeesy is a certified banger.

Hailing from East Hollywood, the 23-year-old came up alongside the likes of Shoreline Mafia, but it was one studio session that he decided to start freestyling for fun that turned into an actual rap career.

That studio session was for “HALF N HALF” with fellow Shoreline member Fenix Flexin.

AllHipHop caught up with Mac P Dawg in Los Angeles to talk about the early days w/ Shoreline, best memory on the OTX Tour, and quitting his job at the movies.

AllHipHop: For those who don’t know, who is Mac P Dawg?

Mac P Dawg: s##t, well I’m a 23-year-old Hispanic based out of LA. Just trying to put my heart into the music, help my family with some legal money. That’s pretty much it.

AllHipHop: Talk about your journey into Shoreline Mafia.

Mac P Dawg: Fenix was the first person I linked up with. I was a freshman, he was a junior. Even since middle school, I was always kicking it with people older than me. Didn’t hang with people my age. I was into the same bulls##t as him. We were young delinquets, degenerates just doing dumb s##t. Going to stores, robbing people, etc.

We had the money for s##t, but we just robbed for fun. Even steal clothes, doing little bulgarly s##t. It was just fun, that’s what united us together. Fenix introduced me to Ohgeesy who used to hang out more towards the West Hollywood side. We connected from there. From the jump once we met, we f##ked with each other.

AllHipHop: You guys all worked at IPIC in Westwood. Talk about leaving that part-time job.

Mac P Dawg: We all dipped. At the time, it was just Fenix and Ohgeesy rapping. I had quit before because I’m like “nah, this ain’t for me. I don’t see myself doing this.” How my mind is, I don’t like working for people. Or maybe it was the management. Something about it I wasn’t f##king with. Lowkey, I think the management was racist. She wasn’t f##king with none of us at all. I’m like “nah f##k that, I’m out of here.” From there, I was just in the block. Doing bulls##t, making money — little money but it was stable. I could take care of my moms. But it’s not legal money, or else I could do this forever.

AllHipHop: You say you made “HALF N HALF” for fun. How’d it feel seeing the numbers go up?

Mac P Dawg: s##t, it still didn’t make me want to make music, but it made me feel like I could do this s##t. I feel like just because I did a song with my friends, they’re probably f##king with the song ‘cause Fenix is in it. He was already here, he had his buzz. I was just a friend on the side. We dropped the song and a lot of people told me they like my verse a lot. I don’t know, I still didn’t take it to the serious until the beginning of this year. s##t was going good for me, so I’m really trying to put my foot to the gas and take off with it.

AllHipHop: Talk about being signed to R Baron, how has that journey been?

Mac P Dawg: Is that what TK said? He hasn’t told me nothing. [laughs] I drop music on s##t. s##t, TK is a big help of course. Picasso the same thing. If it wasn't for them, I probably wouldn’t be this much into my music as I am now. They had more faith in my music than I did in myself at that time. I seen s##t work out, the way he was pitching my music out there. I’m like “f##k it, let me take off with it.” It’s easy anyway, I love being in the studio. That s##t’s fun.

AllHipHop: Craziest memory on the OTX Tour?

Mac P Dawg: Miami for sure. Rolling Loud. Everything, going crazy. I can’t say too much, my girl might listen to this s##t. But every day we were mixing drugs and champagne. Out in the streets, belligerent. Doing dumb s##t.

AllHipHop: Still? Don’t you have eyes on you?

Mac P Dawg: We have eyes on us, but we not burnt out like that either. We be lowkey what we doing. We were in the clubs most of the time, popping bottles, doing dumb s##t. We young, everyone’s looking at us. They know we not from there, we look like some LA kids. Everyone’s looking at us like “who are these people?” It was cool, I f##k with Miami. It’s always a vibe out there. My second time going out there. It’s beautiful, I love it.

AllHipHop: Are you ever concerned promoting drugs in your music?

Mac P Dawg: I mean, I’m not telling people to do it. There are plenty of people who do the same thing I’m doing. It’s depending on the person who listens to my music. I don’t try to tell anybody to do it, but this is just how I grew up so I’m gonna tell ‘em my lifestyle. Drugs don’t make me a lot cooler. It helped me through a lot of s##t, that’s all. I’m not trying to influence anyone on any type of drugs at all. If anything, the opposite for sure.

AllHipHop: Anything else you want to let us know?

Mac P Dawg: I got a mixtape coming around in July August, stay tuned with that for sure. I need everybody’s ears on that.

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