Mach-Hommy: Revolutions In The Age Of Aquarius (Part 2 of “The Pray For Haiti Interview)


Mach-Hommy is doing more for his homeland of Haiti, but explaining some of the details that Americans man not necessarily grasp.

For Mach-Hommy, it is simple, but its is not.

The New Jersey-reared emcee is plowing through the typical priorities to get necessary help and resources to his people home in Haiti. So, he’s got this album, Pray For Haiti, and a fund where monies are earmarked for his people. But, being an artist, it gets complicated fast. Like: “How do you please and entire fanbase with such wide and varied sensibilities and interests?”

Also, how does this push for Haiti translate into a movement for the whole diaspora? Can it even happen? What does freedom look like in the Age of Aquarius? Mach-Hommy and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur have a whole conversation full of revolutionary thought and actions, knowing full well there are consequences. Read on as Mach speaks to the conundrum of being a lot of freaking things to a lot of freaking people.

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Mach-Hommy: And everybody want me to deliver with flawless f#cking, I’m supposed to stick the landing every time with my American people, with my Haitian people – it don’t matter. But it’s like, you know these thaasdfaings, and then understanding what type of pressure they put you up on it. So for me, I’ve been kind of, in my own way, wrestling with making this s### strong. All these competing values that, in my mind, from my experience are here, you know what I mean? You get to the point to where it’s full circle, I finally got a grip on all these different things. And which is allowing me to manifest in real time and in create real change, you know, that, that not only I can feel, but people can see and feel. And that’s what the pray for Haiti Trust Fund is. It’s very practical, but it’s challenged in a lot of norms.

I mean, even like, industry norms, industrial norms and status status quo. Like, for instance, there’s his whole thing with the 20% of the masters being dedicated to the fund in perpetuity is being allocated to the children of Haiti. You know, it’s not a joke. I’m really, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. And beyond the money, I’m actuallydda giving the asset itself. There’s no way around that. If I’m not making a statement with that is much, much more than the money or the allocation or the actual real estate itself itself, much more valuable than that is like…the gesture that I just made, I’m letting them know. I’m all in.

AllHipHop: That’s a way different way of thinking. Wording, charity versus investment. The whole thing shifts, even now you don’t even look at it the same way. You can’t. I’m hoping that more artists follow. I keep telling people we can change everything in one generation if we just change the shift from from this. You know, I don’t want to knock anybody’s methods, but just from a more position of power. Yep.

Mach-Hommy: Yeah, you only got to talk about nobody. We could just talk about us (Black people). I promise you. Yeah, this is super clean like that. We got more than enough things we need to discuss amongst ourselves any damn way. It’s like, we ain’t spend no time dissing nobody. Nobody even has time or energy for that where I’m at with it.

AllHipHop: And what we know we have the power in our own situation. And if we see it, it’s clear and present. They see it already. And then we just switched it to ourselves, our own inner situation. Community and just personally, it would change so fast.

Mach-Hommy: Man, it would blow f###### blow your mind – it is the Age of Aquarius. Be water, son, be water. Like be water.

AllHipHop: I respect you a lot. The artistry that you and Griselda, but you specifically, is incredible, man. And it really does inspire people. So, I hope you know that. Beyond the politics and things, just artistically, It’s very dope to hear the sounds of creativity in this free flowing creative space like water. I don’t want to overpraise or disrupt what you have going on.

Mach-Hommy: Thank you.

We create so much history, even musically, but it’s all about full circle, and I’m being fully fully energized, galvanized, reinforced. And the leg I’m standing on is my heritage, son. I’m being pushed by – and that’s when I’m saying that’s what that Pray For Haiti fund kicks in. Like, that’s really what was pushing me. Like, for real its pushing me to see more clearly. If you can make it through the storm, whatever storm you’re dealing with. Well, everyone is dealing with something, some f#cking negativity or something that’s keeping you down. Some sh#t that’s trying to choke you out. And I’m saying is silence your voice and muffle your thoughts and everything. whatever that may be that opposition, that Satan, that’s coming against you. It’s very necessary for you to reach a level that you’re going to need that. That’s that push-pull. So, don’t worry about how bad it feels: just tap into your heritage. And if you don’t know what your heritage, heritage is, yo so, I will let you borrow one.

Okay. Yeah, your Haitian ni##a. You got it – good. Yo, son, you are going to turn up to a level that you didn’t ever previously thought possible. You’re going to find sh#t within yourself, parts of yourself that were hitherto unknown, and that have so much more to offer you, you understand what I’m saying? My brother, so at the end of the day, it’s like, in this day, I ain’t got no monopoly on being Haitian. Like some of the greatest heroes like, these people were not even born on the land. Some of our greatest leaders, right? So it’s a it’s a way of thinking. And being. And, it’s open to all of us, you feel me? It’s an example.

AllHipHop: I’m waiting for that movie, you know? On on the [Haitian) revolutions, you know? Something that we can see and understand that power too.

Mach-Hommy: I’ve had some interesting conversations with some of the more distinguished members of the Diaspora and about the very same thing you’re talking about right now. And it’s like, let’s just say that there are a lot of parties, interested parties, who would rather a film of that caliber and not come to life. We really got to come together. Members of the Diaspora, which includes honorary Zoes. People who are spiritually Haitian. You don’t have to be born there to belong there. That’s a real place, that’s a real moment in time for all oppressed people. Like for real, for real, for real. I feel like that movie is too heavy for n###a. Like it’s too heavy. They don’t want to see it.

AllHipHop: You gotta get your castle right. You know, your money, right? Everything has to be right if that movie gets made – everything. [Nate Parker] tried to do the Nat Turner movie...

Mach-Hommy: See what they did to buddy. I ain’t gonna say his name.

AllHipHop: They did him right. I mean, not right. But you know – wrong but right.

Mach-Hommy: No, I gotcha. Nah, they blessed him. You know what it is! They blessed them. They extra blessed him.

AllHipHop: So its gotta be right.

Mach-Hommy: Its gonna happen though. Its gonna happen in my lifetime. In my lifetime.

Stay tuned for part three with Mach-Hommy.